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Wieliczka Salt Mine - Natural Treasure of Poland

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The tour starts with a long trip down a staircase which never ends but it is worth every drop of sweat shed. The mine is beautiful and the guides really know this place. It is an endless labyrinth of corridors leading to the main chapel which merits a review of its own. There was nothing I would say negative about this tour and would use the company again.

What will you see

St. Kinga's famous Salt Chapel
Majestic and beautiful! Visiting this amazing place will leave you speechless.
Endless underground passages
You will experience walking through a labyrinths of corridors carved in salt.
Impressive lifelike installations of working miners
You will see exactly how the wok underground used to look like. All thanks to detailed installations presenting the history of working as a miner.
Genuine saline lakes
So many meters underground you will discover a truly amazing sight - Saline Lake will totally enchant you.
Majestic timber constructions
Built to steady the Salt Mine construction, timber constructions are also a treat for the eye.
Amazing sculptures and chandeliers
Everything is carved in salt by the talented miners!

Likely to sell out

About the Salt Mines Tours

As you probably know, Salt has a therapeutic power so you can take a deep breath out there! 

Wieliczka Salt Mine was opened in the 13th century as one of the world oldest salt mines. It reaches almost 327 meters below the ground and has over 287 kilometres. You will walk through 20 chambers taking increadible journey for over 2 hours.

Besides admiring magnificent timber construction, lakes, chambers and majestic corridors, your visit will also have a positive effect on your health. Get ready for an amazing trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine!


  • Pick up and drop off from the Old Town or Kazimierz Area (hotels or meeting points depending on the chosen option) 
  • Transportation in a comfortable car with AC
  • Entrance fees
  • Guided tour with official Salt Mine Guide in up to 35-person groups
  • Free cancellation until the pickup time!

Itinerary of the Tour

Depending on the chosen option you wil be picked up from the meeting point of your hotel
Skip the line
Sometimes the line to get a ticket can be overwhelming. With us you don’t need to worry, your seat is secured.
Local Expert Guide
Official Wieliczka Salt Mine guide will show around you the Mine in the chosen language.
Drop off 

Depending on the chosen option you will be dropped off to the meeting point of your hotel

Helpful Tips

Wear comfortable shoes and take water with you - it's a lot of walking!
The photography fee is 10 PLN and you can pay on the spot
The temperature in Salt Mine is around 14 degrees so please take a jacket with you
Lunch is not included in any of the options, so we recommend taking snacks with you

Wieliczka Salt Mine Interesting Facts

While walking along 3 kilometers of corridors you will have an opportunity to see with your own eyes the heritage left by generations of miners who devoted their life to hard work at the mine. It includes a number of carved in salt sculptures, 20 chambers and 4 chapels with the Chapel of St. Kinga being the one which leaves the most lasting impression on you.  

The Chapel of St. Kinga is the only underground church in Europe. It is dedicated to Princess Kinga who is believed to have brought the salt treasure to Polish land. One of the most spectacular pieces of art to be found here are crystal chandeliers made from rock salt that have been dissolved and reconstituted to achieve a clear, glass-like glow.

Later on the Krakow Salt Mine Tour you will be taken to see an underground lake which measures 9 meters in depth at its lowest point. This saline lake located 104 meters below the surface is surprisingly a wonderful spot for surfing. In 2004 it was sailed across by multiple medalist, World Champion and European Champion, Mateusz Kusznierewicz.  

Another chamber in Wieliczka Salt Mine is the Stanislaw Staszic Chamber. It measures 6 m in height and it is the largest excavation on the route accessible to tourists. Did you know that the chamber is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the place to hold the first underground balloon flight?   A fun fact is that the volume of soil excavated from the mine during its history is enough to build 3 pyramids similar in size to the Pyramid of Cheops.


When will I be picked up?

Your pickup time depends on the place of departure. The pickup time will be generated after you choose pickup location and it will appear on your voucher. It is always recommended to call/write our Support Center and confirm the pickup time - just to be on the safe side :)

How long does it take to get to Salt Mine from Krakow?

It takes around 30 minutes to get to Salt Mine. If you want to be picked up from your hotel it may take a little longer.

How long is the Wieliczka Salt Mine tour?

The entire tour from pickup to drop off takes approximately 4,5 hours. The sightseeing itself takes around 2,5 - 3 hours. 

Can I go to Wieliczka by myself and join the tour there?

Discover Cracow offers another variation of the tour - Wieliczka Salt Mine Ticket, so you do not need to book the whole tour with transportation. You can choose only the ticket and join us in Wieliczka.

I am physically challenged - can I take part in the tour?

The regular Salt Mine tour requires lots of walking and climbing stairs. If you have trouble walking you should consider taking the special route for physically challenged tourists. Unfortunately we do not provide such service therefore we advise you to contact the Salt Mine for additional information.

Can I use a lift to get down the first 380 steps?

The regular Salt Mine tour does not include the lift to get down. After the tour is finished, the group is taken by lift to the surface.

I have claustrophobia - can I take part in the tour?

Please keep in mind that the sightseeing is deep under the surface and as wonderful as it is, guests suffering from Claustrophobia might feel uncomfortable. We request that you plan in advance and exercise caution at all times.

Can I leave my belongings in a car while taking part in the tour?

Unfortunately, it is not possible - the car might change in the meantime so it is possible that you will be taken back to Krakow in a different car. You can leave your belongings in a cloakroom inside the Mine.

Where will I be dropped off after the Salt Mine tour?

You will be dropped off at the place of the pickup.

Salt Mine's Regulations

  • Please mind that the tour begins with climbing down 380 steps and the regular tour does not include the lift that takes you down
  • The regular Salt Mine tour requires lots of walking and climbing stairs. If you have trouble walking you should consider taking the special route for physically challenged tourists. It is easier and shorter and we can organize it for you - you just need to choose the Wieliczka Salt Mine tour with private transport and inform our booking department that you want to attend the shorter Route
  • If you are a person using a wheelchair the above solution is the only possible way of visiting the Salt Mine
  • To receive a discount the participant is required to show a valid ID confirming the age of the participant (students are required to have a valid Student ID)



Matilde Greger
2019.03.01 14:03
5 / 5
I took the tour with pickup from the meeting point. it was near my hotel (antique apartments) so I saved some money. The trip was smooth and very professionally organized. Guide, and the driver were very nice and helpful. Car was comfortable. I really enjoyed this tour.

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