Biographical Museum of Jan Matejko

Floriańska 41 Street
  • See how the house of Jan Matejko looked like
  • Find out more about the private life of the Polish National Painter
  • Watch wonderful collections of items collected by Matejko
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  • Wednesday - Friday: 10:00 - 16:00
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Who was he?

You might not know who Jan Matejko was and what role he played in Polish collective mindset (if you do - good for you! you can skip this part ;)

Imagine that generations of Polish people studied history at school and they were forced to learn about Polish Kings and Queens, important events and battles. Needless to say, it was hard for a young student to imagine and remember all of that. Our history didn't have a face. And here comes Jan Matejko - a genius painter who brilliantly portraited Polish history. He showed us what kings looked like so we can think of them as people, not only a note in the textbook. Because of him, we can imagine what the most important events felt like. 

He was and forever will be the National Painter of Poland - and we are not saying that lightly. 

What is worth paying attention to?

When visiting Matejko House, definitely focus on some expositions and objects to better understand the history of his life and work:

  • everyday objects, furniture,
  • memorabilia remaining from his relatives - his wife Teodora and four children,
  • collections of artistic craft, fabrics, weapons and ethnographic souvenirs, collected by the artist throughout his whole life,
  • Matejko's objects, documents, and sketches connected with his travels.

How did the life of the most famous Polish painter look like? We have an unusual opportunity to walk around his home and watch what his and his family's everyday life looked like.

Interesting facts

Jan Matejko's resume

Date of place of birth: June 24, 1838, Krakow
Occupation: painter, teacher, and headmaster of Kraków Academy of Fine Arts
Family: wife - Teodora (moody, unpredictable and hellraiser)
Children: 4 troublemakers, 5th died as a newborn
Distinctive marks: a long beard 
Best paintings: Battle of Grunwald, The Hanging of the Sigismund bell, Prussian Tribute, and 320 other ones
Assets: attention to details (seriously, look closely at any of his paintings)
Weakness: giving out his priceless paintings as gifts which caused him some financial problems

Important info

  • You can get to the Museum by public transport - a tram stop called: Dworzec Główny
  • Exchange your printed voucher for a ticket at the Museum ticket office
  • The last entrance to the museum is possible 20 minutes before its closing
  • The cash desk, the shop and the cloakroom stay open until the closing time
  • To get a discount, you must show a document confirming the age (students should present a valid student ID)
  • You can cancel the reservation free of charge until the start time


Can I visit the Museum on a different day than the date on the voucher?

Sure, you can use the voucher any day after the purchase date.

Does the voucher have to be printed?

Yes, it is necessary. You will not receive a ticket without a printed voucher. If you need help printing it out, please visit our Tourists Information Point. Our consultants will print it out for you.

Is the Museum adapted for people with disabilities?

Unfortunately, this building is not adapted to people using wheelchairs.