The Old Synagogue

Szeroka 24 Street
  • The most important Synagogue in Krakow
  • Get to know Jewish social, cultural and religious life
  • See objects of Jewish ceremonial art
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  • The Museum included in Krakow Card
  • Monday 10:00 - 14:00 (free entry)
  • Tuesday - Sunday: 9:00 - 16:00


The Pearl and Symbol of Jewish District

For centuries, the followers of Judaism co-existed with Poles in peace - Christian churches were adjacent to the synagogues, children played together in the streets, the Jews held important positions on the city board. This state was completely destroyed during World War II. However, today, when  Kazimierz has its renaissance, and Jewish culture revives through Festivals, Museums, and exhibitions, the time has come to visit a place that is a symbol of the Jewish lifestyle in Krakow.

The Old Synagogue hides the history of a nation that has found a place for itself and settled in Krakow and then was completely destroyed by the invader. For anyone who is fascinated with Jewish culture, or just wants to get to know it, visiting the Old Synagogue is an obligatory part of the Krakow agenda.

What will you see?

Main Hall:

  •  a parchment scroll with the text Torah - the most important object of worship,
  • embroidered curtains of the Ark,
  • presentation of the cycle of the most important holidays of the Jewish calendar and presentation of the traditional men's and women's attire,
  • handicrafts, paintings, and reproductions of photographs and postcards, which are illustrations of the traditions and lifestyle.

South Hall:

  • an exhibition on family and private life,
  • exhibits related to compliance with traditional dietary regulations in a Jewish home, everyday prayer, and the life cycle of the individual from birth to death,
  • exhibits related to funeral customs and remembrance of the dead.

Interesting facts

Symbol of Jewish Heritage

The Old Synagogue was probably built in the 15th century, which makes it one of the oldest in Europe. For centuries it was the main center of the religious, cultural, social and organizational life of the Kraków Jewish community. That took place until the outbreak of World War II.

For centuries, this building was surrounded by protection and reverence. It was well taken care of and full of expensive equipment and works of art collected by the Jewish community. What happened to the synagogue at the outbreak of the war? The occupant, who did not have any respect for Jewish culture, did not spare the interior of the building at all. All treasures collected inside were stolen, works of art were transported to Wawel residence of Hans Frank, and the building was transformed into a warehouse.

Polish Citizens restored the Old Synagogue after the war, and today it serves as a museum and a symbol of past times.

Important info

  • You can get to the Museum by public transport - tram stop: Miodowa
  • exchange your PRINTED voucher for a ticket at the Museum ticket office
  • The last entrance to the museum is possible 30 minutes before its closing
  • To get a discount, you must show a document confirming the age (students should present a valid student ID)
  • You can cancel the reservation free of charge until the start time


Can the Museum be visited on a different day than the date on the voucher?

Sure, you can use the voucher any day after the purchase date.

Does the voucher have to be printed?

Yes, it is necessary. You will not receive a ticket without a printed voucher. If you need help printing it out, please visit our Tourist Information Point. Our consultants will print it out for you.