Unforgetable Krakow - Museum Tickets Package

Entrance tickets:

  • Underground Museum,
  • Krzysztofory Palace,
  • Town Hall Tower


Main Market Square - how well do you know it?

We get it. 
Every museum that you go to promises to 'take you back in time'. And then you go there, see a couple of old pots and that's pretty much it. Yet, we are confident to make that promise - visiting Underground Museum is a journey in time! 

Excavations and modern technology are bound together to create a spectacle of sensations. See a world long gone, where vampires existed alongside merchants, where salt was the best currency and huge sacrifices were necessary when building a simple house. 

We know that many tourists are not really keen on museums. They would rather spend time like locals. But guess what? Here you will experience how locals lived 600 years ago! Add to it a visit to Krzysztofory Palace and Town Hall Tower and have yourself an unforgettable Main Market Square experience - one of the best you can get in Krakow!

Three in one

How did the Main Market Square look like at the end of the Middle Ages? What role did Krakow play in the Hanseatic League? Step into and discover all the answers in Krakow underground.


  • Visit one of the most popular museum in Krakow - Main Market Square Underground,
  • Modern exhibition filled with modern technology.
  • A special zone for kids,
  • sightseeing at your own pace.
  • Enjoy sightseeing of Krzysztofory Palace - a beautiful, baroque palace located on Main Market Square,
  • see the view from one of the main focal points of the Main Market Square - Town Hall Tower,

P.S. Can you imagine that 600 years ago the surface of Main Market Square was actually 4 meters lower than today?


Beneth the level of Main Market Square

The underground exposition covers the area of 6000 m2 and is 4 meters below the surface of the Main Market Square, which shows where exactly the ground level was in the past. Visitors enter through a steam curtain on which there are screened scenes from the Middle Ages. 

Then, you see Krakow like 800 hundred years ago and you start your guided tour. You can merge into the history and customs of ordinary people who lived their lives in the times which may seem so distant and unbelievable today. The numerous relics like coins from the 14th century or ornaments and ceramic vessels prove the tradition of the European trade and cultural exchange that lasted continuously in this place for hundreds of years.

At the exhibition of the Main Market Square Underground Museum you may also see: reconstructions of burials from the 11th century, original foundations of houses from the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries and reconstructions of goldsmiths and blacksmiths’ workshops which reflect what the early settlement looked like before it was destroyed during the Mongol invasion in 1241.

The Krzysztofory Palace

is one of the most beautiful buildings on Main Market Square. The museum collects objects related to material culture, political and economic history, art and traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Krakow from the earliest times to the present day. Among the museum collections, the most impressive is an iconographic collections including views of old Krakow. The oldest records about the Krakow Town Hall, located in the Main Market Square in Krakow, date from 1313. It was dismantled in 1820 (only the tower remained).

The Town Hall Tower

is dated to 1383. The height of it is 70 meters. There were three bells on the tower. In 1524, a clock with polychrome figurines was installed. However, during the fire in 1680, the clock and the city hall's helmet were destroyed. The tower was rebuilt and raised (1696). Inside, on the ground floor there is a hall with a Gothic vault (here was a treasury). In the hall on the first floor (formerly a chapel here) the Gothic vaults were reconstructed.

From the top of the Town Hall tower, you can see the panorama of the Old Town.

Important info

  • Admission is permitted only on presentation of the PRINTED voucher
  • The package is valid in three Museums
  • The last admission to the Main Market Underground Museum is 75 minutes before the closing time                               


Does the voucher have to be printed?

Yes, admission is permitted only on presentation of the PRINTED voucher. You can visit one of our Tourists Information Points in order to print it out.