Wyspiański - The National Museum

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  • An exhibition devoted to Wyspiański's work
  • Over 500 artist's works presented to the public
  • Entry ticket to permanent exhibitions of the National Museum
  • Free cancellation until the start time!
  • Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00


It's absolutely amazing how much talent one man had! Painter, cartoonist, graphic designer, poet, playwright, set designer, sculptor, furniture designer. Stanisław Wyspiański - a surname that appeared in textbooks during school times, has now been honored with a magnificent exhibition at the National Museum.

An artist who lived and created here in Krakow, thanks to this exhibition becomes known as a genius artist, and at the same time a countryman  - proud Polish citizen. His works show love for the city, for Polish culture and tradition. For all tourists visiting this exhibition will be the best way to get to know Poland and it's art.

Themes of the exhibition:

  • "At my house" - here you will see Wyspianski's portraits from different periods of his life, souvenirs from his studio and portraits of his wife and children,
  • "Multicolor of the Franciscan Church" - you will have the chance to look at rarely shown works related to the Krakow temple,
  • "History and Souvenirs" - objects related to Wyspiański's love for historical memorabilia,
  • "Teart Nation" - a collection of unrealized stained glass designs,
  • "Not Paris, only Krakow" - great paintings by the artist, views of Krakow,
  • "Ars - Apollo" - works of applied art, furniture and interior furnishings,
  • "Intrumentarium" - it will familiarize you with the conservation of Wyspiański's works

Worth it? We can certaily say: YES!

Interesting Facts

He seemed shy. Pale face, almost transparent, one mustache hung, the other turned up and strangely foggy, blue-eyed eyes. His throat was wrapped in a white handkerchief. In a long black frock coat, he stood pale, leaning against the white wall, staring at the whirling, laughing and singing pairs, as if hypnotized by the refrain of Bronowice's dance.

Wyspiański stood on in the midst of dancing parties, like a ghost from the beyond, and on his pale face was the stigma of a near death. He did not lose it even during these wedding hours. It was hard to read anything in his blue eyes, except for suffering and staring at himself. Already at that time it was obvious that the rhythm of music and the whirl of dancing awakened in him, that some vision of a mad dance arises in him.

Author: Jan Skotnicki

Important Info

  • You can get to the Museum by public transport (bus or tram No. 20) - tram stop: Muzeum Narodowe
  • Replace your printed voucher with a ticket at the Museum ticket office
  • The last entrance to the museum is possible 20 minutes before its closing
  • The cash register, the store and the cloakroom stay open until the closing time of the Museum
  • There is a paid underground city car park in front of the Main Building
  • To receive a discount, you must show a document confirming the age (students should present a valid student ID)
  • You can cancel the reservation free of charge until the start time


Can the Museum be visited on a different day than the date on the voucher?

Of course, you can use the voucher any day after the sale date.

Does the voucher have to be printed?

Yes, it is necessary. You will not receive a ticket without a printed voucher. If you need to print it, please visit our Tourist Information Point. Our consultants will print it out for you.