Top 10 Krakow Attractions
that you just can not skip!


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Are you looking for the best Krakow attractions?

This city offers so many different things, that it was really hard to pick the top 10 of them!

But we did it especially for you, to save your valuable time and money!

Krakow is full of attractions!


Thanks to our list you will know exactly where to go first and what not to miss! Using it is the best option to get know this wonderful city, as well as joining one of Krakow tours and trips.

Scroll down and find an ultimatum guide of top 10 Krakow attractions, that you will never forget!

No matter how long you are staying in Krakow you definitely should visit the places listed below.

1. Wonderful Main Market Square

Certainly, it’s the place, that you should start your sightseeing with. Main Market Square is definitely the most famous of all Krakow attractions. It’s the largest medieval market in Europe, that turned into today’s centre of social life of young students and tourists from all over the world. It is a showcase of Krakow where all the most important events take place.

Cab Wagon at Krakow Main Square


Do you want to get know it very well? Join Main Market Square small group walking tour and don’t miss even one story about this amazing place!

2. Mysterious Old Town

Krakow’s Old Town is one of the most famous old districts in Poland that functioned as a centre of political life since the 11th century. The site was chosen by UNESCO for original World Heritage List. You can find many Krakow attractions located on Old Town’s streets, so explore it really carefully.

Old Town


The Old Town is created of buildings on such streets as:

  • Floriańska
  • Sławkowska
  • Św. Anny
  • Szewska
  • Gołębia
  • Bracka
  • Grodzka, which leads to spectacular Royal Wawel Castle
  • and many more!

3. Unforgettable St. Mary’s Basilica

Warning: You absolutely can not miss this monument!

This unique building is a Gothic church. It comes from the 14th century. It is located just a few steps from the Main Market Square, so you won’t have any problems to find it. St. Mary’s Basilica is famous for a wooden altarpiece made by VeitStoss and trumpet signal played every hour to all four sites of the world.

St. Mary’s Basilica on the right


You have to know, that the altar located in the St. Mary’s Basilica is one of the most outstanding works of late-Gothic sculptural art in Europe! The sculpting of the altar lasted from 1477 to 1489 and was partly made by Veit Stoss.

4. Outstanding National Museum

National Museum in Krakow is one of the most interesting Krakow attractions, so we had to put it on that list!

It was founded at the end of 19th century. Since its inception, it safeguards the heritage of polish art. The Museum’s collection offers almost 780 thousand exhibits and for sure one of the most important is Da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine. Go there, if you want to see the paintings of Stanisław Wyspiański as well. You can find the tickets here.

National Museum in Krakow


Are you looking for some more art? The next Krakow attraction will truly satisfy you!

5. Monumental Wawel Cathedral and Castle

Wawel seems like being a synonym of Krakow. If you do not see Wawel during your stay in Krakow, we can say that you were not there at all! 

Gorgeous Wawel


Why is it so special?

Wawel is a Roman Catholic church that is over 900 years old. It was destroyed and rebuild three times. The cathedral is a burial place for many polish rulers. The castle was a residence for many Polish kings as well. Poles call the Wawel a “Dragon’s Den” – a legendary cave for the most famous polish dragon. Nowadays, the castle is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Join the best Wawel Castle guided tour and let this beautiful site amaze you!

Wawel at night


Are you not enough of historical buildings yet? Then you will love the next step of our Krakow attractions list!

6. Impressive Krakow Barbican

Krakow Barbican is waiting for you at the end of Floriańska Street. Just go through the Florian Gate to see its greatness!

What exactly Barbican is?

Kraow Barbican is a Gothic style fortified outpost that leads to Old Town built at the end of 15th century. It was built during the reign of King Jan Olbracht because of fear of an Italian-Turkish invasion.

Barbican in 1930


Nowadays, the barbican is an inseparable element of the Planty Park. You will see it for sure while walking through its beautiful avenues. The best thing is, that the space inside it is the place to medieval battles reconstructions or cinema screenings.

7. Artistic Jewish District (Kazimierz)

Kazimierz shows totally different version of Krakow. You will be surprised how varied this city can be!

Street art on Kazimierz


First, Kazimierz were built as a separate city. Now it’s the very famous district of Krakow, famous for many pubs. You can find there a lot of the best restaurants in Krakow as well. Among tourists looking for a fun by night it is almost as popular as a Main Market Square. Now you can feel there like during travel to the past!

Market Square on Kazimierz


But don’t go there only for food or a party!

This area is offering you much more Krakow attractions. On Kazimierz you can find:

  • Popular synagogues
  • Famous Oskar Schindler’s factory, known from Steven Spielberg’s movie
  • Cozy stores and souvenir shops
  • Marketplace with antiques
  • Beautiful murals and street art

Kazimierz’s little shops


You can be sure – the once you visit Kazimierz, you will come back there soon!

8. Historic Florian’s Gate

If you have found Krakow Barbican, for sure you will find Florian’s Gate as well! It’s a Gothic style tower built in 14th century and it’s one of eight gates, created to hide the city behind the defensive wall. It’s 34,5 meters tall and decorated with a sculpture from 1820.

Inside it you can admire an altar from the 19th century. There is also a picture of the mother of God Sandinside.

You have to go through it at least once!

Ready for the last two Krakow attractions! Follow us!

9. Magical Planty Park

If you are looking for some calm space, full of beautiful, big trees, benches and birds – Planty Park will satisfy you.

Local people love Planty as well!


Planty is a city park which surrounds the Krakow Old Town. It was founded in 1822-1830 and spreads over an area of 21ha and a circumference of 4 km.

The park consists of many small gardens and is 4 kilometers long. You can find a lot of Krakow attractionsduring the long walk there!

And the best thing is, that Planty Park looks totally wonderful in all four seasons!

Planty in the Winter


Go there for a little break, buy one Krakow’s pretzel (obwarzanek krakowski), sit on the bench and watch the group of pigeons. It’s absolutely magical!

We are approaching the end of our list. The last Krakow attraction will allow you to find out where the local students have their lectures.

10. Misterious Collegium Maius

Collegium Maius is the oldest university building in Poland. It was built in 15th century and serves students to learn until now!

You will find it on the corner of St. Anna and Jagiellońska streets.

Collegium Maius


The most recognizable element of the building is the inner courtyard, surrounded by arcaded cloisterswith late Gothic, diamond vaults.

There is an antique well in the middle of the courtyard, while two pairs of stairs lead to the first floor porch.

Part of the building was arranged as a museum, where objects related to the history of the Jagiellonian University are kept.

Uff! Quite an intense trip, right?

Top Krakow attractions are waiting for you!

Remember, those 10 Krakow attractions are not the only monuments, that you should see!

In fact, they are just the beginning of your Krakow adventure!

If you have seen them all and are still wondering what to do in Krakow, visit our blog for some inspirations.