Bloody Tales - Creepy Krakow Tour

Polish 17:00 / English 19:15
Hotel Polski - Pijarska 17 Street

For all who like to feel the thrill. We enter all the spooky and eerie corners of Krakow and tell stories of ghosts, vampires, serial killers and convicts. The tour starts after the sun goes down... We will meet at a place, where a medieval cemetery used to be. You'll get to know where the legends about vampires come from. Then, we visit executioners' house and bust some myths about them. You will see places where public executions were performed and a chapel in which the convicts spent their last night on earth hoping for a miracle (that sometimes actually happened). We will also follow the footsteps of a "gentleman" serial killer who liked to attend local shindigs and try to meet two of the best-known Kraków ghosts - a black and a white lady. In the end, we'll talk about medieval crimes and punishments in an actual torture chamber.