City Sightseeing by electric car (Melex) 90 minutes (3 Districts) (Best deal for 2-3 people group)

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90 minutes - THREE DISTRICTS (best deal for 2-3 people group)


Pickup from selected hotels
While booking the tour you will have a chance to choose your pickup point. The list of hotels is limited and so you cannot find your accommodation, please pick Discover Cracow Plac Szczepanski 8, or call our Support Centre - sometimes the car is able to pick you up from a location that is not on our list.
The eco vehicle tour
An English speaking driver will assist you during the whole tour. You can pick the audioguide in one of the 26 languages.
Drop off
You can be dropped off to the place of the pickup or basically anywhere you wish in the area of Old Town or Kazimierz.


Visiting Krakow is just so much work!

Since you came here, you want to see as much as possible, right? All of Old Town, All of Kazimierz, all of Podgórze. Who knows if you're ever going to come back (please, do!), so you want to see every church, every corner and every place listed on your "What to see in Krakow list". But there is one problem - it's just soooo much walking!

We can really relate to that and that's why we came up with a perfect solution. You will see everything you want, quicker, easier, no matter what the weather is (and it can be pretty moody here), and with an audioguide in your language (seriously, we have 26 of languages to choose from, so as long as you are not speaking Esperanto - we're good). 

Physically challenged? Elderly? Traveling with small children? Short on time? Wanting more from your stay? - no matter what your situation is, just consider this option, trust us :)

The most comfortable way of sightseeing

Why? Because it combines the comfort of sitting in a car and being close to the city just like while walking. 


  • Comfortable city tour by an eco-friendly vehicle
  • English-speaking driver's care
  • Audioguide in 26 languages
  • 90 min ride
  • Service for groups of up to 7 people
  • Possibility to take photographs while sightseeing
  • Hotel pick up and drop off from hotels in City Center
  • Sightseeing no matter what the weather conditions are.

Can it get any better than that? 

Interesting Facts

Old Town - simply spectacular 

Did you know, that Krakow is one of 14 places in Poland inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List? The architectural complex of the Old Town has survived all the cataclysms of the past and has maintained an unchanged layout since the Middle Ages. Isn't it amazing?

It's busy and crowded all year long. The place is vibrant with life at any time of the day. There are crowds of tourists, tireless florists, street painters, musicians and horse-drawn carriages.

The Main Market Square is one of the largest squares in Europe, created during the location of the city under the Magdeburg Law in 1257. It has the shape of a square with dimensions 200 × 200 m. It has a town hall tower, three churches, Sukiennice, houses and a monument to Adam Mickiewicz. Every hour from the St. Mary's tower you can listen to the bugle call.

This description is so short that Old Town can easily get offended by it. But how can one fit the history of 8 centuries here? 

Kazimierz and Podgórze - amazing atmosphere

Kazimierz - for centuries two religions (Catholic and Jewish) and two cultures (Polish and Jewish) were coexisting in Krakow. Catholic churches neighboured Jewish Synagogues. Kids were playing together and attended same schools. This state was ruined by World War II and Kazimierz accompanied by Podgórze suffered horrible devastations. 

For many years after that, Kazimierz district was associated with shacks, abandoned homes, etc. However, after the fall of communism, it began to come back to life. What contributed to this come-back? Jewish Culture Festival, Steven Spielberg's film Schindler's List, as well as vouge for Jewish art and culture amongst young people.

Today, Kazimierz and Podgórze are the heart of Krakow's nightlife and trendy industrial style. It is here where the most trendy pubs, restaurants, and cafes are located, where tourists as well as locals party from morning until late night hours.

Important info

  • Free cancellation until 24h before the pickup hour

  • Please note, that driver is not responsible for providing guidance during the tour
  • In case of rain or wind the car is equipped with special plastic covers, and also it provides blankets for more comfort
  • The price does not include any admission fees. 
  • The service is not available when the temperature falls below 0 - please contact our Support Center to ask about availability
  • The customer is kindly requested to contact us at least 24h before the beginning of the tour to confirm pick-up time and place of departure


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