Krakow Half-Day Private Tour with Local Guide and Transport

3 hours
Between 8 AM and 5 PM
  • Sightseeing with a private guide
  • Private Transport
  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • Free cancellation until 24h before the pickup hour


Krakow sightseeing - level up!

We totally understand that some Tourists don't like sightseeing with a big group of people. Maybe you are a person who would like to have a personal attention of the guide. Or you know exactly what do you want to see and you would like to have a personalized route. Or you would like to have a conversation-style way of guidance. Or ____ - fill in the bank. Whatever it is we have something especially for you. 

A good, old-fashioned sightseeing with a private guide never gets out of style. A lovely walk with a passionate enthusiast of the city - who wouldn't want to experience Krakow that way? 
Just tell the guide your expectations and the tour will be perfectly tailored to meet them.

And in order to see much more and much faster, we are introducing private transport option.

Every Tourist is different and have different demands. We believe that your's are high, and we will do everything to measure up to your expectations.


  • a local, professional guide will present Krakow at it's best to you,
  • personal attention of the guide - ask as many questions as you want :)
  • You can choose what you want to see - there is no point wasting time for things that you are not interested in,
  • If you are first-timer in Krakow you can completely trust the guide - they will show you what you need to see,
  • 3- hour tour gives you plenty of time to discover Krakow
  • the driver can pick you up from your hotel, so you don't need to look for any meeting point.
  •  private transport by our executive car


This is an "on request" tour which means that we kindly ask you to contact us by phone/email to arrange the details of your tour (day, time, meeting point, language)
The driver can pick you up from your hotel, or any other meeting point of your choice.
Your tour
Your tour will take 3 hours and it is completely customizable.
Drop off 

You can be dropped off at the place of the pickup or any other place around Old Town.

Important info

  • You can choose the departure time between 8 AM and 5 PM
  • The minimum number of participants is 1 and the maximum is 6
  • Entry fees are not included in the price
  • Please contact our Support Center at least 24 hours prior to the tour to establish all the details
  • The tour is available in English, but you can always ask about the tour in any language and we will check if it is possible for us to organize
  • Free cancellation until 24h before the pickup hour


Top 5 of Old Town

  • Main Market Square - you cannot omit it, it's just a must. A heart of Krakow, full of life and unique energy.  Needless to say - UNESCO listed attraction of Poland. We are so proud of it!
  • św. Wojciech's Church - the small white building on the Main Market Square - did you know that it's the oldest church in Krakow? This inconspicuous building was a witness to the development of Krakow and the whole country. 
  • Floriańska Street - here you can really feel the atmosphere of Krakow. Full locals and Tourists looking for the perfect souvenir from Krakow. This street remembers Polish Kings leading the coronation procession and parades.
  • Barbakan - part of the city walls, used to be a checkpoint for everyone who wanted to enter the city. Today it is a symbol of defensive barriers that protected the city for centuries.
  • Wawel Dragon - some say that every legend has a seen of truth in it. Hmm... ;)

Top 5 of Kazimierz - Jewish District

  • Jozefa Street - one of the most famous Streets of Kazimierz. It used to be almost entirely inhabited by the Jewish community. Today it serves as a great memory of the past.​​​​​​
  • Ghetto - visiting the area of a former Ghetto makes you understand the Holocaust in Krakow much better. Some parts of the authentic walls of Ghetto are still a tragic memento of the Jews extermination.
  • Plac Wolnica -  a former main market square of the city of Kazimierz (did you know that it used to be as big as a Main Market Square of Krakow?)
  • Old Synagogue -  used to be the most important building for the Jewish community - a center of their social, cultural and religious life. Today it teaches us about traditions and culture of Jews.
  • Remuh Cemetery - a Jewish Graveyard established in 1535. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by Nazis during World War II and most of the tombstones were sold or used as paving stones in the camps. Re-built with all the priceless tombstones that we were able to get back after the War. 


Do I have to present printed voucher?

No, you can present you voucher on the phone or any other mobile device.

Are all the entry fees included in the price?

Unfortunately, they are not - if you wish to enter any atraction on the way you must cover the fee.