Seven Deadly Sins - evening tour

2 hours
sw. Jana 2 Street
  • English/Spanish speaking guide
  • A tour through the City at night
  • Dark and scary stories about mysterious side of Krakow 


Dark, scary, fascinating...

Listen, if you think that sightseeing of Krakow is boring - how dare you? ;)
Nevertheless, we must admit, that there are A LOT of churches here, it's all pretty and polite looking city so you might get the feeling of a boring-ish idyll.
However! Let us assure you that this city hides dark secrets that can be a great material for thriller movies. 

Middle Ages were particularly cruel for all the people with a questionable reputation. What happened to all those women accused of using magic? What bloody rituals were performed on poor those men that were unfortunate enough to get sentenced as criminals?

There is nothing boring in this tour. The story of serial killers and tortures has to be told in a proper setting. Dark and scary streets of Krakow at night... hell yeah!

Are you ready for this?

What is awesome about this tour is its uniqueness - it's something new, something exciting and definitely uncommon. 

Highlights of the tour:

  • experiencing mysterious and unknown side of Krakow,
  • sightseeing of the city at night,
  • admiring the nighttime illuminations,

Do you dare? Do you? I think you do :)


Meeting Point
The tour starts from Discover Cracow Visitors Center Jana 2 Street at 19:40.
Your voucher
Your voucher doesn't need to be printed - the guide will have a list of participants, and they will only need to check your name from the list.
The agenda
The guide will take you for a 2-hour walk and will tell you all the dark secrets of the city.

Interesting facts

 Macabre that you would never expect in Krakow

A boring and polite city? Not so much when you learn that the beautiful and majestic Krakow unintentionally hosted several serial killers and ghost are frequent visitors. But the most famous case of Krakow's dark side is the Krakow's Vampire.

A young boy who used to spend his vacation in a countryside liked to assist at a slaughterhouse. Who would have thought that he liked this so much, he would plan to continue this activity on...people...

He started with old ladies and ended with children. What he liked to do was to lick the knife after stabbing his victims. 

How did this story end? I am not going to spoil this story for you. But just one more thing - locators of his old apartment in Krakow claim that his ghost is still visiting, making noise with his stomping.

Important info

  • The tour takes 2 hours and is available in English and Spanish
  • You can book or cancel the tour up to 1 hour before the start
  • Groups of 15 people and more are obliged to cancel the booking at least two days prior the tour to get a full refund
  • Minimum number of participants is 1 and maximum is 30


Do I need to have a printed voucher with me?

No, it doesn't have to be printed. You can present you voucher to the guide on the phone or any other mobile device.

Can I be picked up from my hotel/apartment?

Unfortunately this tour does not include hotel pickup. The meeting point and time is predetermined.