Krakow Sightseeing by Eco-Vehicle with Live Guide

3 hours
between 9 AM and 7 PM
  • Expert guide in English language,
  • Hotel pick up and drop off,
  • Eco-vehicle at your disposal for 3h


There is plenty to see in Krakow - we all know it. And we also understand that there are no one-fits-all solutions in terms of sightseeing. Taking an active part in creating your tour can be a very rewarding experience. At the end of the day, it's your vacation and your time that you can spend as you wish! 

We are giving you an opportunity to explore Krakow with live, professional guide for 3 hours. Having a real person telling you the story, being able to ask questions and exchange energy with a guide is crucial for some people. Are you one of them? 

Colorful Kazimierz, Majestic Old Town, Industrial Podgórze - what would you like to see?

Your comfort is our priority - and that is why we created our Live guide tour. You will enjoy Krakow sitting in a comfortable eco vehicle with the personal attention of professional guide.


  • Comfortable 3-hour city tour by eco-friendly vehicle
  • Attendance of English speaking driver/ guide
  • Route adapted to your expectations
  • Our eco vehicle can take you even to the historical part of the city
  • Possibility to take photographs while sightseeing
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Service for groups of up to 7 people

What will you see? Completely up to you! Or, if you don't have an idea - just trust the guide.


Pickup from selected hotels

While booking the tour you will have a chance to choose your pickup point. The list of hotels is limited and so you cannot find your accommodation, please pick Discover Cracow Plac Szczepanski 8, or call our Support Centre - sometimes the car is able to pick you up from a location that is not on our list.
The tour
Your tour will take 3 hours and it is completely customizable. The driver will be your guide and he will assist you throughout the entire tour.
Drop off 

You can be dropped off at the place of the pickup or the Main Market Square.

Interesting Facts

There is no other place like Kazimierz

No matter how many times you visited Kazimierz, every time you will discover it anew. A place that is definitely climatic and magical - with its unique floating spirit of the past. Here time has stopped and let's hope it will remain so for posterity. Tenements, synagogues, cafes, shops - each of them worth separate attention and all of them creating exceptional unity.
In the labyrinth of streets, you can lose yourself and enjoy the feeling of traveling in time. 

The contrast makes it special
On the one hand - shabby tenement houses, the ugliness of booths at Nowy Square, bitten entrance gates to tenement houses, falling advertisements from advertising columns, and on the other - a true beauty. Wide, greenery climbing the walls, old-fashioned shop signs, wonderfully renovated Tempel Synagogue, a melancholic cemetery at the Remuh synagogue, huge graffiti on the walls of tenements, flower pots at the entrance to pubs and all kinds of premises.

Old Town - the heart and soul of Krakow

How did it happen that Krakow was not completely ruined during World War II and all the most important monuments survived? Well, Nazis wanted to make Krakow "their" city, they changed street names for German ones, (Main Market Square was named Adolf Hitler Platz), they wanted to "eliminate" Polish citizens and locate Germans in Krakow.

 The General Governor Hans Frank almost completely preserved the architecture of the old city (he was living in Wawel Castle himself during wartime) - if not because of that, probably Krakow would share the fate of totally destroyed Warsaw. Even the bombing of the city by Soviet troops during the liberation in 1945 did not cause much damage. That is why we can now admire this magical place with its unique atmosphere, authentic monuments, and preserved historical heritage.

Important info

  • In case of rain or wind the car is equipped with special plastic covers, and also it provides blankets for more comfort
  • You can book the tour up to 3 hours before it starts
  • The service is not available when the temperature falls below 0 - please contact our Support Center to ask about availability
  • Price shown includes a carrier up to 7 people
  • The price does not include any admission fees
  • Customer is kindly requested to contact us at least 24h before the beginning of the tour to confirm pick-up time and place of departure
  • You can cancel the reservation free of charge until the pickup time


Do I have to present printed voucher?

No, you can present your voucher on the phone or any other mobile device.

My party has more than 7 people, Can we do the tour together?

Yes, of course. One car can fit up to 7 people, so you can book two cars and the party will travel as close to each other as possible.

Can I change the meeting point or pickup time?

Sure. All you need to do is contact our Support Center and ask our consultants to amend your booking. 

I missed my tour - can I use my voucher another time?

Unfortunately, if you miss your tour we cannot reschedule it for you. In that case, we are treating you as a no-show.

Can the car pick me up from suburbs of Krakow?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Your location has to be in the City Center because the car is electric and it cannot travel long distances. 

Is the driver going to be our guide?

Yes, the driver will perform the guidance for you.