Old Town + Main Market Square Walking Tour

2 Hours
10:15 AM
Meeting Point: Szczepanski Square (Fountain)
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  • A walk around the Main Market Square - biggest in Europe!
  • Stories about the marvels of Krakow's Main Square
  • Enjoy a walk in a small group lead by a professional local guide

You will see and hear the story of:

  • Florian Gate,
  • Barbican
  • Matejko Square,
  • Main square,
  • Cloth Hall,
  • St. Mary's Church,
  • Town hall tower,
  • Collegium Maius at the Jagiellonian University,
  • Papal window,
  • Franciscan church,
  • Grodzka Street and Wawel Hill


The meeting point
The tour starts at Plac Szczepanski, next to the fountain, please wiat for you city guide here
Your voucher
Your voucher doesn't need to be printed - the guide will have a list of participants, and they will only need to check you name from the list.
The Agenda
A professional English speaking guide will take you for 2,5-hour tour that covers Old Town and Main Market Square


Why is Main Market Square so big? Medieval citizens must have loved to shop! Right? 

Dimensions of the Square are 200x200 meters and it is the biggest Market Square in Europe. While walking around this place one can really feel like being in the true heart of Krakow. It is beautiful no matter what the season is and it has its own, unique charm. Full of life at any given time of the day. Filled with nosy and always hungry pidgeons (throw them some bread - you'll see what happens) 

There are some parts of Main Market Square's puzzles that might be unclear for you, like: why does the bungle call end so rapidly? Well, we know the answer. There are so much more mysterious secrets to discover, but we don't want to spoil your tour :)

You should know better...

...than others what a history of Main Market Square is! You can learn all the legends and stories that are nowhere to find in guidebooks. An hour well spent, if we may say so ourselves :)

Highlights of the tour:

  • Enjoy a walk in a small group lead by a professional local guide
  • Hear the most interesting facts about Cracow history and culture
  • See all the marvels of Cracow Market Square
  • You will also see Royal road, University campus, Barbican, Florian gate and St Mary church

    Every Tourist visits Main Market Square. It's a no-brainer. But how many of them actually get to know the place and understand it's significance? 


Centuries ago

It was created with the intention of locals and merchants following the trade routes to have enough space to trade. The remains of many former merchant stalls are located in the center of the Market Square - Sukiennice (Cloth Hall).
Built in 1257, it had to be constructed around St. Adalbert's Church and St. Mary's Church (both of them are older than the Market Square).

Until1882 the Market was called: Rynek, Ring, Circulus or Forum. Later the name Rynek Główny caught on and we use it today.

Main Market Square was divided into sections according to a product sold on the particular portion. So there was Hens Market, Salt Market, Coal Market, Lead Market, Jewish Market especially for products distributed by Jewish, Fish Market, Bread Market, Barrel Market. Now you have a fair idea of what the Square looked like 8 centuries ago.


Almost all houses and palaces around the Market Square are centuries-old monuments. They include, among others, the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow and the International Cultural Center as well as shops with exclusive goods. The most known restaurant is for sure Wierzynek (where King Kazimierz the Great organized a great party for all European monarchs in 1364). 

There are countless cafes, restaurants, and hotels around the Square. There is always some musician performing (sometimes well, sometimes not so well), there are kids chasing pigeons and bridal couples taking bridal pictures. At night all the buildings are beautifully illuminated which makes you want to stay and absorb the atmosphere a little longer.

Important info

  • Free cancellation until 24h before the starting hour
  • Please arrive to the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the start to get registered for the tour.
  • Participants should take an umbrella or a raincoat on rainy or snowy days.
  • The minimum number of participants is 1 and maximum is 20
  • To get a student discount students must have a valid student ID card during the tour and show it to the DiscoverCracow representative when asked.


Do I need to have a printed voucher with me?

No, it doesn't have to be printed. You can present you voucher to the guide on the phone or any other mobile device.

Can I be picked up from my hotel/apatement?

Unfortunately this tour does not include hotel pickup. The meeting point and time is predetermined.