1 or 3 day
Any Wavelo Bike Station
  • City Bike Rental
  • Enjoy the City in the most fun way!


It there a better way of exploring the city than taking a bike? 

Nope! There is non :)

You can rent a bike for 1 or 3 entire days, without worrying about anything. It is such a comfortable and user-friendly option. And Wawelo Bike rental Stations are dotted literally all over the city. Just look around and you will for sure see at least one of them.

How to:

Step 1
Pick a 1 or 3 day option and a day that you want to use the service. While booking it's important to provide your phone number because this is how you will get a PIN number to use your bike.
Step 2
Receive a voucher on your email and a PIN number on your phone
Step 3
Visit one of our Tourist Information Points in order to exchange your voucher for a plastic card.
Step 4
Find the closest Wavelo Station. Touch the keypad with the card, enter the PIN number. Take U-bar and place it in the holder on the side of the rear wheel. And enjoy!
Step 5
Remember to return the card to our Tourist Information Point.

Important Info

  • The Wavelo access card is valid from 0:00 to 23:59 the same day
  • Fine for not returning the card after using Wavelo bike is 50 PLN