Wieliczka Salt Mine - Miners' Route Ticket

10:00 & 13:30 PM
7 Edwarda Dembowskiego Street, Wieliczka
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  • Miners' Route - off-the-beaten-track way to discover Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Become a real miner, in working clothes and equipped with pickaxe
  • Learn the ropes of this demanding profession guided by the light of their mining lamps
  • Face the challenge and carry out tasks assigned by the steiger
  • Gain the skip-the-line entry to one of the oldest salt mines listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List

The Map


The Miners’ Route is an unique experience for those who are looking for off-the-beaten-track activities. Avoid crowded Tourist Route and explore the Mine as the real miner.

The adventure starts with getting the protective clothing and equipment (ex. a lamp - the only source of light at some points of the tour). Once everyone is looking as a real miner, the journey begins! Descent into the darkness by the oldest existing mine shaft "The Regis" and have the tasks assigned by the guide. Be prepared to dig the salt and measure the contraction of methane. Each task has to be carried out carefully because the foreman is ready to evaluate your job. 
The Miners' Route leads through dizzying network of tunnels which are held in place by thick, wooden beams. The visit is an active expedition and requires increased physical effort - the novice miners may have to crawl from one chamber to another. The Miners’ Route allows direct access to one of the kind mining site with the medieval pits of unique value. During the tour professional guide helps to discover the secrets of mining traditions and rituals.

Tour ends with official ceremony which allow the participants to call themselves "miners".

Important Info

  • The Miners’ Route is accessible to persons over 10 years of age.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes (part of the route may by covered by mud)
  • Your voucher cannot be redeemed at Salt Mine ticket office - please present the voucher to Discover Cracow representative.
  • The visit is an active expedition and requires increased physical effort
  • The trail does not connect with the Tourist Route and associated chambers - including the Chapel of St. Kinga.
  • The tour takes place under the supervision of a guide
  • The temperature in the mine is constant (about 14 degrees), and therefore it is recommended to bring warm clothing even in the summer
  • The price does not include fees for photography and filming (you can buy it at the Mine for 10 PLN)
  • It is forbidden to smoke and use open flame in the mine

Terms and Conditions

  • to get a student discount students must have a student ID card during the tour and show it to the DiscoverCracow representative when asked
  • You can cancel the reservation free of charge until the pickup time