Zakopane City and Tatra Mountains from Krakow

10 hours
9 AM
mobile voucher
  • Pick up and drop off from Krakow centre: Plac Wolnica 13 or Plac Szczepański 8
  • Transportation by air conditioned, comfortable bus
  • English speaking driver 
  • Additional attractions available: 1 day open pass to the Thermal Pools, Gubałówka Funicular two way ticket, private guide (on request)


All you need is…Zakopane!

The Tatra Mountains, as well as the surrounding attractions, have a completely new appeal during each time of the year. During the Zakopane tour you can observe the golden landscape during autumn, watch as the snowflakes paint every peak white during the winter, and as the days are shorter both seasons you can enjoy Krupówki main street light up, and observe the stars on the vibrant night sky, due to the low light pollution in the area. During spring and summer, you can enjoy the warm weather and take a breath of fresh, free of pollution air, as you walk through the mountains, admiring the views.

 The choice is yours

Nobody likes to be rushed during sightseeing, right? We know that very well and that’s why we offer you a different type of experience. We give you a choice of what you want to see in Zakopane. 

  • You can spend 6 hours wandering around the city, tasting the delicious local cuisine, taking pictures.
  • The additional option for you is Gubałówka Funicular two way ticket - the view from Gubałówka Mountain is truly breathtaking, but you don’t have to believe us - check it out yourself!
  • You can also choose the Thermal pool additional ticket and spend 3 relaxing hours enjoying the health benefits of hot baths.

Let us help you experience Zakopane City according to your needs and preferences. We have something for everyone - go ahead and choose what suits you best!


The Pick-up
You can choose from two meeting points - just pick whichever it the closest to your accommodation
The route
The route takes approximately 2,5 hours and the time of the travel depends on the traffic.
Zakopane City Center
Enjoy your free time, taste local cuisine, admire unique architecture at your own pace. No guide service is included.
Thermal Pool Option
If you chose this option your break in Zakopane will take around 2 hours and after that you will leave for a 3-hour visit in Thermal Pools.
Our driver will first pick up the guests from Zakopane City Center and then he will stop by to pick up guests from Thermal Pools.
Drop off
The guests will be dropped off at the place of pick up

Interesting Facts

We just love this City!

Discover the highland culture and traditions, a product of a unique interaction between Polish and Slovak culture through years of history together, back in the times when the borders weren't so clear to people. 

This also means you will have a chance to try the distinct local cuisine, in the atmosphere of a small European town, with its own picturesque wooden architecture, again developed through years of history, and different to any other town or city you've seen.

 And you will too, guaranteed

Locals, both the people living in the Tatra Mountains and poles in a wider sense, have a strong connection to the place, as the traditions of the locals became a symbol of Polish heritage. This is why the tours from Krakow to Zakopane are so popular among the poles. 

The locals are privileged to wake up to the sounds of birds, wind passing through the forests, to the amazing view of the landscape, the beautiful romantic vibe of Zakopane, and the fresh air untainted by pollution. There is a sense of connection to nature, which has often been lost in modern times. This love for the place they live in is evident in their approach, if you come from a large city you will be surprised how welcoming and kind people can be.

Important info

  • Three options of this tour are available:
    - Regular ticket for Zakopane (with no guide)
    - Regular ticket for Zakopane + Gubałówka two-way ticket
    - Regular ticket for Zakopane + Thermal Pools
  • Please, wear comfortable shoes, and also take an umbrella or a raincoat with you because the weather in the Mountains can change very rapidly
  • Our English speaking driver will help you with any issues or questions
  • Please arrive at the designated pick- up point a minimum 5 minute before departure time
  • Minor delays (circa 10 minutes) are possible due to traffic conditions
  • Please note that temperatures in the mountains are lower than in other regions
  • The service does not include a meal
  • Please note that on the 20th January delays might occur due to FIS SKI JUMPING WORLD CUP


How long is the Zakopane tour?

The whole tour takes up to 10 hours: it takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to get to Zakopane, and the time you can spend in the city is about 5 hours. Please note that it may vary depending on the traffic conditions.

Where is the meeting place?

You can choose from 2 different meeting points and pick the one closest to your location. They are:

Will I get a guided tour?

This tour does not include a guided tour. You get the transportation to Zakopane and free time to spend in the City. You can also purchase tickets for additional attractions. If you prefer a guided tour - please contact our Support Center with your request. Our Booking Department will organize the "On Request" guided tour for you.

Can I pick both Gubałówka Funicular two way ticket and a ticket to Thermal Pools?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick both attractions at the same time - there will not be enough time to enjoy them both. 

Can I buy attraction tickets on the spot from the driver?

Since we have to secure tickets for attractions for you it is not possible to buy them on the spot. If you wish to use any of offered attractions you should pick them while making the booking.

What should I wear and what is the weather like in Zakopane?

As the tours from Krakow to Zakopane can involve a number of different activities, at different times of the year, it is advised you dress adequately for the given season and its temperatures. Despite the cold weather during winter, some days can still be warmer, as the sun can still shine quite brightly. It is a good idea to always bring a warm coat with you, and a variety of clothes to put underneath it, depending on the day, a lighter shirt for the hotter days, and a warm sweater for the colder one ones. A scarf and a hat are also recommended. Similarly, while warmer seasons are a bit colder on average, they are still fairly hot, but colder days do also happen. You might not want to bring a winter coat, but perhaps a raincoat, and something moderately warm underneath it, just in case. You should also have comfortable shoes/boots for both warmer and colder seasons.

Can I be picked up from my hotel/apartment?

Unfortunately, it is not possible, this tour does not include hotel pickup. However, there are 2 meeting points, so you can pick the one closest to you and 90% of the times it is walking distance from client’s locations.

Do I have to take my own towels to Thermal Pools?

Thermal Pools provide one towel or pareo in the ticket price. Extra towels can be rented for an additional charge.