Krakow Prices – What to expect?

Krakow Prices – What to expect?

In general prices in Poland and Krakow are rather low in comparison to another European cities.

And although Krakow is slightly more expensive that smaller polish cites the prices are not very high. Although it varies due to the exclusiveness of a restaurant, hotel and a shop. Still for lots of people that think of vacation, Krakow Holidays are the once they can afford choosing premium stuff.

Prices in Krakow

Prices in Krakow

Prices in Krakow

Here is a list of average prices if you are on a budget:
Breakfast (3-5€) – usually you can book a hotel with included breakfast, but if it is not a case, probably you can find a nearby restaurant that serves polish or international breakfast for 2-5 Euro,
Lunch (4-10€) – the cheapest option is a milk bars that serves a local cuisine for a 3 Euro and more,
Dinner (4-10€) – you will find many places where you can also eat e.g pierogi or salat for 4-6€
Beer (2,5€) – in pubs around Main Market Square it usually costs about 2,5-3 Euro, but you can also find a pub that serves beer for 2 Euros
Coffee (2€) – usually around 2 Euro and more,
McDonalds Big Mac (4€) – usually 4 Euros for an enlarged set.
Bottle of water (0,5€) – less than 0,5 Euro in a shop, around 1,5 Euro in a pub or restaurant

The prices of general transportation (bus, tram) are quite reasonable. You can also grab a taxi, but Uber is also available. Average drive for taxi costs about (3-5€)
Museum entry prices depends on the season, so if you want to see them all, but you are on the budget it is better to go to Krakow in autumn or winter. And also always check out for free admission days. The example price to Wawel Castle is 4,5 – 6 Euros per adults for one floor.

Krakow Currency

Unlike the most countries of European Union, Poland has its own currency which is złoty (PLN). The prices in restaurants and shops are given in polish currency, so to know exactly the value of any product, use the calculator in your smartphone, according to this:

Typical Currency exchange in Krakow:
1 Euro = Above 4 zł
1 PLN = 0,24 Euro
1 PLN = 0,20 GBP
1 PLN = 0,26 USD

Usually in most places, like restaurants, pub, hotels in the centre of Krakow it is possible to pay in Euro, but the change will be given to you in zloty.

To avoid this exchange your currency in one of many authorized currency exchange offices or pay with credit card.

Prices in Krakow – Full Guide!


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