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One day Tour: Auschwitz Birkenau + Wieliczka Salt Mine

112.5 person

Auschwitz Birkenau Guided Tour - Memorial and Museum

38.75 person

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour - Guided tour

37.5 person

Schindler's Museum Guided Tour

20 person

Wawel Royal Castle Guided Tour

30 person

Krakow Grand Tour - Small Group Walking Tour

25 person


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Dweller’s Secret: Krakow Street Art Guide

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If you are looking for great attractions in Krakow such as Auschwitz Tour or Wieliczka Salt Mine you should check our top tours list. Be sure that Krakow is a great place for city breaks and sightseeing. Long history of this town makes it one of the most popular places in polish tourism.

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