Polish Folk Show and traditional dinner

3h 15min
Straszewskiego 17 Street, bus stop vis-a-vis Radisson Blu Hotel
  • All Inclusive Dinner
  • All You can eat and drink
  • a lively Polish Folklore Show


How to get to know Poland?

Of course, you can walk around, read guidebooks, talk to locals, sightsee all the important places. It's all great, BUT it's just a part of Polish experience. To get to know us fully, you need to enjoy the food and drink, and music...basically - to have a ball at a good Polish party! Meet Polish cuisine, music, dances and see for yourself what does it mean to experience Poland entirely. 

Let us treat you as our dear guest and show you our famous hospitability. For sure we will not let you leave hungry, that's not optional. So don't even think of counting calories! 

Best evening in Krakow!

Just treat yourself. You deserve it after all this walking and sightseeing :)

Highlights of the tour:

  • Enjoy a wonderful evening in a beautiful scenery 
  • Admire traditional live Polish music, dancers, and taste delicious food
  • See the cottage style restaurant with a view of Kryspinów lake,
  • Take advantage of all Inclusive Dinner  
  • All you can eat and drink buffet
  • Double-decker bus ride to the destination

Our guests just love this service, to be honest, we do too!


The meeting Point
The tour starts at 18:45, at Straszewskiego 17 Street, bus stop vis-a-vis Radisson Blu Hotel. Please wait for a red double-decker bus
A Voucher
Please present a PRINTED voucher at the beginning of the tour.
The show
The bus will take you to a beautiful, cottage style Restaurant where you will enjoy your dinner and watch a Folk Show.
Drop off
After the show you will be taken by the same double-decker Bus back to the starting place.


Polish cuisine - one of it's kind

What are staples of Polish cuisine that you will be able to taste during the Dinner?

  • sour rye soup with egg and sausage - our Ester traditional soup,
  • traditional Polish pork chop in golden breadcrumbs - a must at any Sunday Dinner in a Polish household,
  • baked potatoes with herbs and fried cabbage - a little something vegetarian, 
  • home-made apple pie with vanilla ice cream - because it's a sin to drink coffee without something sweet to it,
  • coffee, tea, water, fruit compote, wine, and beer - choose what you like, as long as it's beer ;)
  • hot and cold buffet: homemade bread and lard, pickled cucumbers, boards of meats, poultry jellies with vegetables, salad bowls, buffet with salads and regional cheeses - which means that there is something for every taste

Music, Dance, Outfits

Music and Dancing are very important and very special for Polish citizens. It was present in our culture from the beginning of our country's existence.
National Dances derived from folk dances from all over Poland and our favorite is of course Krakowiak. 

It's a very lively and popular, Polish folk dance from around Krakow. There are plenty of dance groups performing Krakowiak at different events. Watching young boys and girls wearing traditional outfits and performing this physically demanding and impressive dance will give you the feeling that you know the spirit of Krakow much more.

 Music and dance can tell you more about the city than any guidebook.

Important info

  • The entire tour will take 3 h and 15 minues
  • Chindler under 5 years old have free admission
  • If you cancel at least 1 hours in advance of the activity you will get a full refund 
  • If you cancel within 1 hours of the activity or you do not show up for the tour - no refund is due
  • Groups of 15 people and more are obliged to cancel the booking at least two days prior the tour to get a full refund
  • You have to present a voucher to the Representative before the beginning of the trip


Do I need to have a printed voucher with me?

Yes, in this case you need to present a Printed voucher. If you don't have a possibility to print it out in Krakow, please stop by at any of our Tourist Information Points to say hi and we will print it for you.

Can I be picked up from my hotel/apatement?

Unfortunately this tour does not include hotel pickup. The meeting point and time is predetermined.

I cannot find the meeting point / the bus did not come - what should I do?

Please give us a call - our Support Center representative will direct you and check where the bus is for you.

I am vegetarian, will I be able to eat anythig during the dinner?

Since Polish cuisine is not vegetarian you will need to skip some dishes, but there are also some vegetarian options you can enjoy.