Have you ever wanted to shoot like a James Bond?
Try your hand at shooting range!


Have you ever wanted to feel like James Bond? Did you feel like shooting a real gun? Finally you have the opportunity to test your eye and hand confidence!

But how does it come from a real gun? Is it legal? Is it safe? Of course it is! Shooting ranges in Poland are establishments where you can legally and completely safely shoot at a target!

The history of shooting ranges in Poland goes deep into the past and is linked to various historical periods and changing regulations on the possession of firearms. It is not here like in the US but the history of it is very interesting.

  • The 19th century: During the period of partitions and in the first years after Poland regained its independence (19th and early 20th centuries) shooting ranges were usually associated with the military, serving to train soldiers.
  • Interwar period: After Poland regained its independence in 1918, shooting ranges became more popular, especially in cities, as training places for civilians, athletes and members of scout organizations.
  • Postwar period: In the postwar period, especially during the communist era, shooting ranges were controlled by the authorities and were often used for military and police training. Shooting sports also gained popularity, which contributed to the development of sports shooting ranges.
  • 1990s and 21st century: After Poland's political transformation, sports shooting became more accessible and gained in popularity. Many private shooting ranges sprang up, offering training, courses for civilians, as well as places for recreational shooting.

Regulations: In Poland, there are detailed regulations on the possession of firearms and the operation of shooting ranges. They are strictly enforced, ensuring public safety.

Shooting ranges in Poland play an important role both in the field of shooting sports and in creating awareness about the safe handling of firearms. The choice of weapons and types of shooting depends on the specific shooting range. If you are interested be sure to check out Extreme Shooting Range with Hotel Pickup, at this particular shooting range you can  try out 33 different types of weapons. Choose the package that suits you, among the 8 available packages you can choose a basic pabiet or a package with weapons typical of, for example, the Soviet army or the U.S. army. Such famous weapons as:

-Glock pistol: The Glock pistol is renowned for its exceptional design and reliability. It features a distinctive polymer frame, making it lightweight and resistant to various environmental conditions. Popular among law enforcement and military units due to its ease of use, large magazine capacity, and safe trigger mechanism, the Glock is highly regarded for its precision, efficiency, and versatile applications in both combat and civilian scenarios.

-UZI submachine gun: The Uzi submachine gun is recognized for its compact design and remarkable firepower. It features a folding stock and a simple, reliable mechanism, making it highly maneuverable and adaptable in various combat situations. Widely used by military and law enforcement units globally, the Uzi is appreciated for its ease of handling, rapid rate of fire, and reliability, cementing its reputation as an iconic firearm in the submachine gun category. 


 -Kalashnikov AK 47 rifle: The AK-47, also known as the Kalashnikov, is celebrated for its robustness and widespread use across the globe. Its design emphasizes durability and simplicity, making it highly dependable even in harsh conditions. Featuring a distinctive curved magazine and a gas-operated mechanism, the AK-47 is prized for its reliability, ease of maintenance, and effectiveness in various environments. Renowned for its iconic status as one of the most recognized and influential firearms in history, the AK-47 is revered for its ruggedness, reasonable accuracy, and widespread availability.

-Shotgun: Shotguns are renowned for their formidable recoil due to the powerful loads they fire. Despite the significant kickback, they excel in delivering devastating impact at close range. Featuring a smoothbore barrel or sometimes a rifled barrel for increased accuracy, shotguns are versatile firearms known for their ability to fire a variety of ammunition types such as birdshot, buckshot, or slugs. Widely used in hunting, law enforcement, and home defense, shotguns are appreciated for their stopping power, versatility, and effectiveness, particularly in short-range engagements. 

And MANY, MAAANY more!

Shoot with a weapon so powerful that the metal plates-targets must be replaced every week. Compare your hits with those of your friends. A private driver can pick you up from your hotel and then take you to the shooting range and back (private driver? that sounds more and more like a mission for a secret agent...). The only thing separating you from this exciting adventure is a few clicks on the website. To shoot safely, all you have to do is follow the instructors' instructions.

 A unique opportunity for a unique thrill, check yourself out!

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