List of Reopened Krakow Attractions - Updated for May 2020


Some of you that were considering coming to Krakow are probably wondering - are there any attractions opened right now? 

Maybe you already made some plans in Krakow, but they were unfortunately smashed by the harsh reality?

As the famous curve is slowly flattening out and as we gradually learn that we may do the things that we used to do, while still respecting all the precautions. 

In this short article we would like to clear the fog of disinformation and present to you the updated list of all the museums and attractions that has been currently reopened. 

The list of currently reopened attractions:


Wawel Castle 

Wawel Cathedral

Kościuszko Mould 

Stained Glass Museum

The Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art in the Sukiennice

Aviation Museum

MOCAK the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

Attractions near Krakow:

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