Kościuszko Mound - Kopiec Kościuszki

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  • Kościuszko Mound entrance tickets (the most beautiful panorama of Krakow)
  • Admission to Kościuszko's Museum
  • An entrance to all exhibitions (included Wax Figures - Polish Road to Freedom)
  • Free cancellation until the start time!

  • The Attraction included in Krakow Card
  • Everyday: 9:00 - 15:30


Krakow at one glance

Who wants to see the entire Krakow with just one look? It is possible, just climb the Kościuszko Mound and there you have it - Krakow in all its glory. No one doubts that this is the best view in Krakow. Sukiennice, St. Mary's Church, Wawel - all these beautiful places can be seen from above (and the legend says that with good visibility you can see the Tatras as well).

On one hand, a great vantage point, and on the other hand a metaphor of Polish way to freedom. As an example of this rough route, we can take Tadeusz Kościuszko.  What did he do for Poland, that instead of building him a classic monument, the Krakowians decided to build such a large mound in his honor? You will learn everything by visiting the exhibition dedicated to Kościuszko.

And for lovers of fortifications, the fact that the exhibitions are located in the buildings of the post-Austrian fort should be particularly tempting.

Components of sightseeing

Read carefully what is included in this service so that you can enjoy it fully

  •  entry to the Mound, where the most beautiful view of Krakow awaits you
  •  admission to all permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • St. Bronisława's and Columbarium's parish church
  • Fortress and the city of Krakow 1846 - 1918
  • Wax Figures "Polish Road to Freedom"

Interesting facts

A monument is not enough

After the death of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, there was a nationwide discussion of how to celebrate the great hero, because everyone assumed that an ordinary monument is definitely not enough. It was finally decided to create a mound resembling the mounds of Wanda and Krakus. The values motivating Polish citizens to do this project were: stability, elevation, and cooperation of the entire nation.

Soon, construction of the mound slowly became a citizen's duty - everyone wanted to contribute. There were even people who came to Krakow only for that purpose.

And so, after 3 years of building, countless financial and technical problems, the mound with a height of 34.1 m and a diameter of 80 m was finished. And despite wars and a few attempts to level it with the ground, it stands proudly to this day.

Important info

  • There are two bus lines running to the Kosciuszko Mound: 100 and 101. The 100 bus leaves from Salwator, while bus No. 101 departs to the Mound of Centrum Kongresowe ICE
  • Last visitors are allowed in 30 minutes before closing
  • There is a free car park and a bicycle rack (you can rent a chain free of charge at the ticket office)
  • You can cancel the reservation free of charge until the start time

  • Please mind that you must appear at the museum with voucher at the opening hours.

  • Ticket allows you to visit the exhibition "Kościuszko - a Hero for Our Times".


Can the Museum/Mound be visited on a different day than the date on the voucher?

Sure, you can use the voucher any day after the purchase date.

Does the voucher have to be printed?

No, it is not necessary. Before the entrance you need to show the recieved voucher with the barcode.