Tips from a local guide: the best vegan restaurants in Krakow


Each trip is for you an opportunity to explore new places, cultures and... flavors? Plus you’re, let’s say, a herbivore? Great! If Krakow appears as the next destination on your map, you must know all the vegan restaurants in this city. See our review and choose the best vegan restaurant in Krakow!

In recent years, Poles have fallen in love with vegan diet. Almost every culinary blogger must share vegan recipes for homemade dishes on Instagram. In addition, restaurants serving dishes without animal ingredients are flourishing. There are extremely many of them in Krakow - and that’s great, because they are visited not only by residents, but also by visitors! See our list and see which of them serves the best vegan food in Krakow: 


Here is a list of 8 places with the  best vegan food in Krakow. We don’t score them according to the ranking list, because in our opinion each of them offers something special! Ready for a culinary experience? Well, let’s do it!

podwórko Kazimierz, Kraków

Krowarzywa: vegan burger – Krakow

The fact that Krowarzywa is a vegan restaurant is beyond doubt – just look at the name of the place. There are two sharades in this name:

  1. In Polish, the combination of the words „cow” + „vegetables” („krowa” + „warzywa”) suggests that they serve something that resembles cow, but is veggie or plant-based.
  2. The combination „cow” +  „vegetables” + „living”  („rzywa” sounds in Polish exactly the same as  „żywa” that means living, hence the „living cow” connection) – brings to mind a place that is 100% cruelty free. 

The beginnings of the burger place come from Warsaw, but it seems that it made itself at home in Krakow. 

Krowarzywa is a completely vegan restaurant, which means that you won’t find a single gram of animal-based ingredients there. The restaurant also actively cooperates with animal rights organizations.

What’s on the menu? 

If you are looking for the best vegan burger Krakow has to offer, you’ve come to the right place, because it is served by Krowarzywa The menu includes items such as millet burgers, chickpeas, vegetables, tofu, algae and even... pea protein. The dishes in the restaurant have very good reviews and are considered some of the healthiest in all of Krakow. In addition to burgers, Krowarzywa also offers vegan wraps, bowls, hot dogs, kebabs and fresh juice.


Krowarzywa is located at Sławkowska Street just a few steps from the Main Square. 

Mazaya Falafel – Arabic definition of taste

In the vegan Krakow community, it is said that thanks to this restaurant, locals fell for falafel, a dish from the Middle East, like Harley Quinn for Puddin’. 

Long story short, since the opening of the Mazaya Falafel restaurant, deep-fried chickpea balls have been extremely popular among Krakow’s herbivores, omnivores and omnomnomnomnivores. 

The dishes served in the place are based on traditional Syrian recipes. It is probably due to their exotic origin that they are still conquering the palates of hundreds of people. 

What’s on the menu? 

On the Mazaya Falafel menu you will find... all possible combinations of falafel with vegetables, hummus, pita and tahina paste (an integral part of Arabic cuisine).


In Krakow you will find 3 Mazaya Falafel spots: at Grzegórzecka Street, Starowiślna Street and Legionów Józefa Piłsudskiego Street. If you’re in the Old Town area, you’ll probably find the closest premises at Starowiślna. 

Zupitto – vegan Krakow served on a deep plate

If you are a soup lover, you can’t miss this place! The restaurant describes its offer as follows: “[...] countless soups, stews and warm breakfasts sealed in ecological glass jars”. Zupitto is heavily based on the tradition of 5 transformations of cuisine, which draws ingredients from 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water).

What’s on the menu? 

Based on the assumption that for proper functioning, the human body needs not solid foods, but above all water, on the pedestal of the entire menu, Zupitto has placed the Soup (hence the name of the restaurant Zupa = Soup). There are so many soups there that it’s impossible to list them all – but among them you will find both traditional Polish and those a bit more exotic.

Zupitto is a vegetarian restaurant in Krakow but if you like to eat meat from time to time, you’ll also find dishes along with its additions on the menu. 


The Zupitto restaurant is located at Madalińskiego street in the Krakow district of Dębniki. It is not the very center, but you can easily get there by public transport, or you can take a 30 min. walk from the Main Square.

Youmiko Sushi – get (your hands) on a roll... vegan-style

If you are a fan of interesting food, you will not be surprised by the fact that there are restaurants that serve vegan sushi. Youmiko Sushi is such a place. Although it is not a 100 % vegan restaurant, it offers a lot f options for people who do not eat meat (even fish). This vegetarian restaurant in Krakow catches quite a lot of interest from both locals and tourists.

What’s on the menu? 

On the Youmiko Sushi vegan menu you will find truly creative varieties of traditional rolls. Instead of raw fish, standard nigiri, hosomaki or uramaki  contain... beetroot, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini in tempura, roasted almonds or even tomatoes. We assure you that the vegetarian menu in this restaurant will not bore you!


Youmiko Sushi is located at Józefa Street in Kraków’s Kazimierz near the Old Town. 

Pod Norenami – let your senses be fooled

The Pod Norenami Restaurant is another well-known vegetarian point on the map of Krakow. The restaurant uses Asian recipes but prepares dishes in such a way that they are meatless... but they actually look and taste like meaty ones. Therefore, the menu includes items such as spicy fried “chicken”. The main ingredient is made of a vegan meat alternative. “Chicken” or “beef” resemble meat, both in appearance and taste. Well spiced seitan and tofu fool many meat eaters.

It is better to call the restaurant before coming. Due to its popularity, it is better to make a reservation.

What’s on the menu? 

In Pod Norenami, an elegant vegetarian restaurant in Krakow you will find sushi, salads, ramen, main dishes, curries, Asian dumplings and delicious desserts. Plus there is always a vegan cake.


The Pod Norenami restaurant is located at Krupnicza street, close to the Main Square. 

Momo - a Krakow vegetarian bar

If after a few days exploring the culinary map of Krakow, you would like to take a break from typical elegant restaurants, visit the Momo bar. Vegetarian bar Momo is one of the most recognizable restaurants in Krakow, which was one of the first to begin to serve meatless dishes. The place’s decor is actually very “bar-like” – there are chalk boards hanging on the colored walls, and orders are placed next to the counter. The food is delicious though!

What’s on the menu? 

If you want to eat vegan in Krakow, the Momo bar will definitely be a good choice. You’ll find there, for example, grilled potatoes with eggplant, Tibetan dumplings, masala dosa, aromatic South Indian sambar soup, pinto beans in tomatoes or red vegetables with the addition of fenugreek.


The Momo Bar is located at ul. Dietla in Krakow’s Kazimierz within the Old Town. 

Karma – a restaurant and vegan cafe in Krakow

Following your finger on the vegan map of Krakow, you cannot miss Karma - a friendly place that successfully combines the features of a restaurant and cafe. After entering, your attention will definitely be drawn to the interesting decor, that is, raw brick walls combined with simple wooden tables that create a pleasant home-like atmosphere. This is a place where you can stay for longer - not only to eat, but also to drink aromatic coffee in the company of a book or a group of friends. 

What’s on the menu?

This vegan restaurant in Krakow offers primarily coffee, lunches and vegan and gluten-free cakes. Dinner options change daily, depending on the availability of ingredients. Everything is vegetarian or vegan. 


Karma is located in two Krakow locations: at ul. Krupnicza near the Main Square and at ul. St. Wawrzyniec in Kazimierz. 

Bonobo - Bookstore and Travel Cafe – an exotic place

If you don’t like popular places and you always deviate from the beaten track, take a look at this unique vegan cafe in Krakow. In Bonobo - Bookstore and Travel Cafe you will find peace and respite from the ever-rushing crowd. Everything literally smells of adventure there! Travel books on the shelves call to be read, the interior encourages you to stay for long hours, and vegan products tempt fussy palates.

What’s on the menu? 

At Bonobo, you’ll taste aromatic eastern teas, Brazilian coffee, Chilean wine and beers from small local breweries. You can order cake, tart, sweet baklava or tasty pate - the products are different every day, but always vegan.


Bonobo - Bookstore and Travel Cafe is located closest to the Main Square from all the places cited. You will find it on the Small Market Square (Mały Rynek), which is located near the back of St. Mary’s Basilica. 

Each of the places described above has its own soul and is unique in some respects. Do you now know which of the best places to eat vegan in Krakow you will visit during your trip? Or maybe you will take the challenge and stop by each one? We keep our fingers crossed and wish you a trip full of unforgettable flavors and aromas!


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