Energylandia 2-day pass

Duration: 2 days
Opening hours: 10AM - 6PM (everyday)
aleja 3 Maja 2, 32-640 Zator
  • Energylandia open ticket to all attractions without limits!
  • Enjoy over 106 various modern and advanced devices and attractions
  • Dare to ride second fastest hyper coaster in Europe
  • Services for all ages: children, teenagers and adults
  • Discounted ticket for children under 140cm (4'7'') of height
  • The ticket entitles you to enter the park two days in a row


  • The price includes all attractions without limits:
    • roller-coasters,
    • carousels,
    • cinemas,
    • shows,
    • children's zone,
    • family zone,
    • extreme zone,
    • Water Park.


  • The ticket does not include:
    • gastronomy,
    • slot machines operated with tokens,
    • shops and souvenirs.


Are all attractions included in the price? Are there any additional fees for any of the rides?

All available attractions, rides and shows are included in the ticket price. Of course, you would need to pay extra for food, computer and arcade games, some service points (e.g. photographer, photo booth, face painting, tattoo, etc.), and, naturally, items in the shops.

Is it possible to leave the Park premises for a moment and get back in?

If you wish to leave the premises for a moment, simply ask one of the employees at the gate for a special ID stamp. This will make it possible for you to get back on our premises the same day not more than 30 minutes counted from the time you left the park. Warning! Please make sure you have your ticket with you, you will need to present it on your return.

Important info


Welcome to ENERGYLANDIA - the biggest Amusement Park in Poland!

This is where you will find 4 different zones with lots of attractions:

  • Fairy-tale Land for the littlest ones
  • Family Zone for everyone in your family
  • Extreme Zone for all adrenaline seekers
  • Water Park with 1800 m2 pool space

...all included in the Energylandia ticket price!

Apart from great rides like immense, largest in Eastern Europe roller coasters, the Energylandia also boast spectacular shows by marvellous artists.

The Energylandia Amusement Park is located in Polish Zator, mid-way between Katowice and Kraków, near John Paul II's birthplace in Wadowice and Oświęcim.