Home Army Museum

Address - Muzeum Armii Krajowej Wita Stwosza 12


The museum based in Krakow, disseminating knowledge about the Polish Underground State and its armed forces, primarily the Home Army.

The museum was established by resolutions of the Krakow City Council and the Regional Assembly of the Małopolska Province and was registered in the Register of Cultural Institutions maintained by the city of Krakow on June 29, 2000. By virtue of another resolution of the Krakow City Council, it was named after August Emil Fieldorf "Nil," who hailed from Krakow, the commander of the Home Army's Kedyw and deputy to the Chief Commander of the Home Army.

The activities of the Home Army Museum are of a cultural, exhibition, scientific, educational, didactic nature, aimed at various age and social groups, conveyed in a modern form and through attractive communication tools, with the aim of making the Museum a nationwide gathering place for memorabilia and a scientific research center of the Polish Underground State and its armed forces, in the fields of political, military, and social issues.

Scan your voucher at the Museum’s ticket office.    
The last admission to the Home Army Museum is 90 minutes before the closing time.       

Monday - Friday od 10 AM - 5 PM