Jewish Ghetto Guided Tour

Duration: 1h
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Jewish Ghetto

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Take a look at where the Jewish people lived during the Nazi occupation of Krakow. With a knowledgeable guide and the few surviving artifacts from the horrors of wartime, bring this iconic place to life in your imagination.

Guided Tour Itinerary

Schindler's Factory
Visit the museum that presents the daily life and tragic events in Kraków during World War II.
Ghetto Wall
View the preserved sections of the ghetto wall at ul. Lwowska and ul. Limanowskiego.
Jewish Order Police and Ghetto Prison
Visit the corner of ul. Józefińska and ul. Limanowskiego to see the former offices of the Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst and the ghetto prison.
Sewer Entrance
Discover the sewer entrance at the corner of ul. Józefińska and ul. Krakusa, used as escape routes from the ghetto.
Rynek Podgórski Square
See the Judenrat Building, Julius Madritsch’s Confectionery Factory, Roman Polanski’s family ghetto lodgings, and the main gate of the ghetto.
River Vistula Embankment
Walk along the embankment and see the Father Bernatek Footbridge and the Piłsudski Bridge, featured in the film "Schindler’s List."
Ghetto Memorial
Reflect on the site of the deportation campaigns and the final liquidation of the ghetto at pl. Bohaterów Getta, the main square of the ghetto.

You will experience

  • Witness Historic Sites: Explore the living quarters of the Jewish community during the Nazi occupation of Kraków.
  • Knowledgeable Guide: Gain insights from an expert guide who will provide historical context and personal stories.
  • Surviving Artifacts: View the few remaining artifacts that tell the story of wartime Kraków.
  • Imaginative Journey: Bring the past to life through vivid storytelling and preserved remnants of history.