Kraków: Vodka Factory Museum Tour with Tasting

Fabryczna 13, Cracow


Discover the Vodka Factory Museum located at 13 Fabryczna Street, within the Fabryczna City complex. Housed in one of the historic buildings of the former Vodka Distillery No. 11 and later the Polmos Distillery, the museum spans nearly 1500m2, featuring an engaging interactive exhibition.

Explore the museum at your own pace or with an audioguide available in English, German, French, Italian, and Ukrainian. Over approximately one and a half hours, journey through seven thematic halls filled with historical content and multimedia attractions. Learn about the evolution of vodka production technology, ancient production methods, and the cultural and economic significance of vodka.

Need to know

The voucher doesn't have an expiration date so use it anytime and choose the day that suits you the most.

We advise calling the museum before entering to ensure the time of the tour start. In other case the wait time is around 5-15 minutes, but in extreme cases might take up to 30 minutes.


➔ Explore a historic vodka distillery with nearly 1500m2 of interactive exhibits

➔ Unlimited time to explore exhibitions at your own pace

➔ Conclude your visit with a memorable vodka tasting experience

➔ Enjoy an in-depth audioguide available in multiple languages

➔ Delve into the history of vodka production through seven thematic halls


  • Entrance ticket
  • Unlimited time at the museum
  • Audioguide (available in English, German, French, Italian, Ukrainian)
  • Vodka tasting