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Thus, amidst the holiday hustle and the cessation of New Year's Eve festivities, the year 2023 concluded—a year marked by a significant increase in tourist interest in Krakow. Year after year, an ever-growing number of tourists arrive in Krakow to admire the beauty of this city, explore unique places nearby, and uncover the secrets of Krakow's museums. Seasoned explorers know that if a city is a tourist magnet, many of its attractions can come with loooong queues not for entry, but to purchase tickets! Yes, that's right, queues not for entry but for ticket purchases. Discover Cracow, in collaboration with the city of Krakow, aims to assist tourists by offering the Krakow City Pass, granting access to 40 museums throughout Krakow!


Discover Cracow specializes in arranging attractions for customers and is highly effective at it! Just take a look at the statistics: in 2023, you purchased over 1300 Krakow City Passes, which means more than 3000 individuals benefited from the City Pass and visited their chosen museums from the list of 40 available options.

Discover Cracow has prepared TOP Museum Ranking 2023:

1. The Most Popular: The winner in the category of The Most Popular Museum in Krakow in 2023 is the Oscar Schindler Factory Museum. In 2023, the Oscar Schindler Museum was visited by over 400,000 people (of which 10% were Discover Cracow tourists!).

The Oscar Schindler Museum in Krakow, housed in his former enamel factory, commemorates Schindler's valor in saving over a thousand Jews during WWII. Beyond its immersive exhibits recounting their stories, the museum vividly encapsulates the atmosphere of Krakow from that time. It showcases not only the factory's history but also a rich tapestry of interwar and wartime Krakow, offering a profound understanding of the era's challenges. This comprehensive narrative stands as a testament to Schindler's heroism, fostering remembrance while portraying the resilience of humanity amidst adversity.


2The Most Modern: In our ranging the most modern museum is MOCAK.

MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow) offers the most modern attractions and amenities. It was designed with the intent of showcasing contemporary art, including interactive installations, innovative multimedia presentations, and special events and exhibitions within the realm of modern art. MOCAK is renowned for its innovative approach in presenting artworks and contemporary artistic trends, providing high-level visual and educational experiences.


3.  The most friendly to the youngest: (but not only for the youngest!) is Main Market Square Underground

Main Market Square Underground is an appealing place for children. It offers a fascinating journey into the city's history, showcasing remnants of medieval Krakow. For kids, this can be an exciting experience as they get to uncover the secrets of the underground world, observing reconstructions and exhibits related to life in ancient times. Interactive presentations and engaging stories capture the attention of younger visitors, simultaneously educating them about the city's history in an appealing manner.


4. The most breathtaking view: There can be only one winner in this category.... Kosciuszko Mound. 

Kosciuszko Mound has the most beautiful view of Krakow, in addition, before climbing to the top of the mound and enjoying the views, we have the opportunity to walk through the Tadeusz Kosciuszko museum and through the fortifications built on the hill. Kosciuszko Mound is the largest of Krakow's mounds at 34 meters high and 73 meters in diameter. A great museum that can be combined... Maybe with a date...? The view can definitely put your partner (and you, of course) in awe!


5. The most defensive are City Defense Walls Krakow and The Barbican

Here two objects should be indicated: City Defense Walls Krakow and The Barbican, focus on the history of Krakow's defenses. The Museum of Defensive Walls presents the history of the city's medieval fortifications, while the Barbican is a medieval fortress that played an important role in defending the city.

6. The oldest one is The Old Synagogue

From the oldest establishments on the list, The Old Synagogue holds a significant place. Erected in the 15th century, it not only serves as one of Poland's oldest synagogues but also stands as an enduring symbol of Jewish heritage in Krakow. With its rich history and architectural significance, this revered site attracts visitors worldwide, offering a poignant glimpse into the city's diverse cultural tapestry.

7. The most artistic value of course The Main Building of the National Museum

The Main Building of the National Museum in Krakow serves as a treasure trove of diverse art spanning different periods and styles. It houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and archaeological artifacts, offering a comprehensive view of Polish and international art history. The museum's impressive displays and curated exhibitions provide visitors with an enriching cultural experience.

8. The most sky-high theme: No doubts, The Polish Aviation Museum

The Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow is a captivating showcase of Poland's aviation history. It boasts an extensive collection of aircraft, helicopters, engines, and aviation artifacts, spanning the early days of flight to modern aviation advancements. Visitors can explore diverse exhibitions, gaining insight into the country's aviation achievements, military aviation, and technological progress in the field of aerospace engineering. The museum offers an immersive experience, celebrating Poland's rich aviation heritage and its contributions to the world of flight.

9. About the most courageous: The Museum of the Home Army in Krakow

Muzeum Armii Krajowej is a poignant tribute to the largest underground resistance movement in occupied Europe during World War II. Through exhibits and artifacts, it narrates the courageous struggle and pivotal role played by the Home Army in the fight for Polish independence. Visitors gain a profound understanding of the organization's clandestine operations and the bravery of its members in the face of adversity. The museum stands as a testament to the resilience and patriotism of those involved in the resistance movement.

10. The last and best place on our list is... the City of Krakow! That's right! The city itself is a wonderful museum with stunning architectural heritage and historical value. You can wander around the city for hours, constantly discovering architectural marvels, historical sites, or viewpoints overlooking the entire city and its surroundings. Don't believe me? You have to come and see it with your own eyes.

The list was created based on your visits and our subjective opinion; every museum deserves special attention, but these have been particularly distinguished by us. Read our ranking before you arrive and plan your dream stay in Krakow to make it as entertaining as it is educational!


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