Oskar Schindler's Museum Guided Tour

Duration: 1h 30min
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Lipowa 4 Street (in front of Schindler's Factory entrance)

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Guided Tour Itinerary

Meet our Guide
Please arrive at the meeting point at Lipowa 4 Street in front of the museum's entrance. Our rep will carry Discover Cracow sign, so you will not miss them for sure.
Start the Journey
It's time to start Oskar Schindler factory tour! See how Krakow looked and sounded like in the 1940s. Feel the emotions and the atmosphere that people felt back then. It's like traveling in time!

Schindler's Factory Guided Tour: #1 Ranked Museum in Krakow on TripAdvisor

Step into history and walk in the footsteps of a hero. One man saved over 1,200 lives during one of history's darkest times. He wasn't a typical hero, and his reasons were complex and not always selfless. Who was he?

Join us on the Schindler's Factory Guided Tour and become a witness to wartime Krakow. Feel the tension and bravery as you walk among the city’s inhabitants, navigate narrow ghetto passages, and experience the haunting realities of resistance and imprisonment.

Imagine popping into a photographer’s shop, boarding a tram to watch the cityscape roll by, and stepping into a typical Jewish apartment in the ghetto. Feel the omnipresent fear and then the bittersweet relief of liberation by the Soviet Army.

Our tour combines: Documentary photographs, eyewitness accounts, film documentaries, and immersive multimedia shows to create a vivid, chronological vision of Krakow’s history. See how the war shattered lives and how everyday objects—photographs, newspapers, personal artifacts—kept the spirit of a besieged city alive.

About Schindler Factory

The museum's collections include: City maps, paintings, photographs, guild objects, works by Cracow artists, noble portraits from the 16th to 20th century, weapons from the 14th to 20th century, clocks, nativity scenes, theater artifacts, Judaica, and items from Polish uprisings and World Wars I and II.

Visitors can explore: permanent exhibits on Cracow's history and culture, as well as collections of militaria, clocks, and watches. The Town Hall Tower at the Main Market Square features a Photographs of the Market Square exhibition.

Since 1999, the museum has managed the Barbakan, a well-preserved medieval defense structure open to tourists in summer.

For more on Schindler's Factory and Oscar Schindler's history, read our article: Schindler's Factory - All You Need to Know.

Important info

  • Please meet our representative (a person with the Discover Cracow sign) at the meeting point on Lipowa 4 Street in front of the museum's entrance.

  • Please make sure to show up on time. Being late might prevent you from taking part in the tour
  • In order to receive a discount students must have a valid student ID during the tour
  • Free cancellation until 24h before the pickup hour
  • The price includes entrance fee and a guidance fee, so no extra charges will occur.


I missed my tour. Can I use my voucher another day?

Unfortunately you can use your voucher only on the day on your voucher. 

I cannot find the meeting point/ Discover Cracow Representative.

You can always call our Support Center and our lovely consultants will direct you. You can also ask at the reception desk about the Discover Cracow guide. 

Can I be picked up from my hotel?

The Schindler Factory tour does not include hotel pickup. The tour starts from the meeting point in front of the Schindler's Factory.

What other tours can I take to have the best Krakow experience?

After your Schindler Guided Tour you should definitely enlarge your knowledge about the wartime in Krakow. We highly recommend taking part in Auschwitz Tour. Visiting Auschwitz is such an important part of Krakow experience.

To discover the medieval times in Krakow you should do Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour it's a beautiful and fascinating place. Visitors from all over the world have fallen in love with this place. Another way to get to know the history of Krakow is visiting the Krakow Underground Museum - it will be truly "unforgettable" experience, we promise!