Schindler's Museum Guided Tour

1,5 h
Lipowa 4 Street


The closest to 1940s Krakow you can ever get

One man saved over 1200 lives. He is not a standard, stereotypical hero though. His reasons were not always selfless. He is a very complex character. Then who was he?

Do you want to feel like a witness of the wartime in Krakow and get to know the truth about Oscar Schindler yourself? Imagine walking among the city’s inhabitants, entering narrow passages and over-populated apartments in the ghetto, finding weapons in resistance house and seeing the horror of being imprisoned and interrogated. 

Pop in at the photographer’s shop, board a tram and watch a view from the windows; take a look at a typical Jewish apartment in the Ghetto. Once overwhelmed by the omnipresent enemy, you will finally feel the bittersweet relief of liberation by the Soviet Army.

An amazing journey through time

The exhibition presents documentary photographs,  eyewitness accounts, film documentaries and multimedia shows. They are combined in order to create a chronological vision of Krakow’s history. You can see how the war destroyed lives of individuals and of masses. You can also see how ordinary objects such as photographs, newspapers and personal artifacts helped to immortalize everyday life in the city occupied by Nazis.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Exhibition of Cracow during World War II at Oskar Schindler’s former ‘enamel’ factory
  • An expert local guide telling you the story in English
  • Get to know the story presented in "Schindler's List" movie
  • Visit the best historical museum in Poland
  • Small group tour


Meet our Representative
Please arrive at the meeting point (Film Cafe inside the Museum) a few minutes earlier - better to be safe than sorry! Our rep will carry Discover Cracow sign, so you will not miss them for sure.
Start the journey
Discover how Krakow looked and sounded like in the 1940s. Feel the emotions and the atmosphere that people felt back then. It's like traveling in time!

Interesting Facts

One man...

During WWII Oskar Schindler was a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. In 1939 he was ordered to move to Krakow in order to take over the first in the region factory of enamelware and metal products. The factory under Schindler’s command was developing pretty quickly and soon the Factory was responsible for manufacturing not only enameled vessels but also various items for the German army industry.

The factory was able to bring profit mainly thanks to the production for the German army and to operating on the black market. For this and a great deal of many other illegal activities, Schindler was arrested several times. Being a man with a lot of connections with some high-rank Nazi officials in the General Government, though, he always managed to get himself out of trouble.

...who saved many

His connections also helped him employ and then protect Jews. At its peak in 1944, the factory had 1,750 workers, of whom 1,000 were Jews. In order to keep them from deportation and death in the Nazi concentration camps, Schindler offered Nazi officials larger and larger bribes and gifts of luxury items obtainable only on the black market.

 During Holocaust, Schindler is said to have saved the lives of 1,200 Jews.
In 1963 Oskar Schindler was awarded the title of Righteous among the Nations by the Yad Vashem Institute based in Jerusalem. He died in 1974 in Hildesheim, Germany and, in compliance with his wish, was buried at the Catholic Cemetery at Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

Important info

  • The minimum number of participants is 1 and the maximum is 25
  • You can book or cancel your reservation up to an hour before it starts
  • Groups of 15 people and more are obliged to cancel the booking at least two days prior the tour to get a full refund
  • Please meet our representative (a person with the Discover Cracow sign ) at the Film Cafe inside of the Museum
  • Please make sure to show up on time. Being late might prevent you from taking part in the tour
  • In order to receive a discount students must have a valid student ID during the tour
  • You have to present a voucher to the Discover Cracow Representative before the beginning of the trip


I missed my tour. Can I use my voucher another day?

Unfortunately you can use your voucher only on the day on your voucher. 

I cannot find the meeting point/ Discover Cracow Representative.

You can always call our Support Center and our lovely consultants will direct you. You can also ask at the reception desk about the Discover Cracow guide. 

Can I be picked up from my hotel?

This tour does not include hotel pickup. The tour starts from the meeting point in front of the Schindler's Factory.

What other tours can I take to have the best Krakow experience?

After your Schindler Guided Tour you should definitely enlarge your knowledge about the wartime in Krakow. We highly recommend taking part in Auschwitz Tour. Visiting Auschwitz is such an important part of Krakow experience.

To discover the medieval times in Krakow you should do Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour it's a beautiful and fascinating place. Visitors from all over the world have fallen in love with this place. Another way to get to know the history of Krakow is visiting the Krakow Underground Museum - it will be truly "unforgettable" experience, we promise!