Wieliczka Salt Mine With Private Transport

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  • Languages: English
  • Pick up from your location in Krakow
  • Transport to Wieliczka Salt Mine 
  • Official Wieliczka Salt Mine guide
  • Entrances fees

Other Wieliczka Salt Mine options:

More information about what option would be the best for you in the FAQ section below.

About Salt Mine

Amazing underground labirynth, one of the most precious Polish monuments. UNESCO World Heritage you can’t miss.

  • Unforgettable experience and must-do in Krakow
  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • World’s largest mining heritage
  • Beneficial microclimate for health

The Wonder of Poland

Since you are travelling to Poland, you would like to see the top-of-the-top places, right? Guess what? We have the most beautiful atraction here in Krakow! Named the first out of 7 Wonders Of Poland....ladies and gentelmen...Wieliczka Salt Mine!

Enter the salt city with us. Salt Mine in Krakow is an underground labyrinth that stretches over 9 levels  (64 to 327 meters) below the surface of the Earth. A labyrinth of nearly 2,400 chambers is connected with sidewalks with a total length of 245 km. It is an invaluable monument of material culture, placed in 1978 on the UNESCO Heritage List.

Most of visitors of Salt Mine and amazed and... surprised! For example: Have you ever wondered what Paris and Wieliczka Salt Mine have in common? The levels in the mine reach 327 meters underground which is just enough to fit the Eiffel Tower into it! Get to know more about this fascinating place with us.

Krakow Salt Mine Tour will show you the very beginning of salt extraction. During the trip you will hear a legend about Princess Kinga who is said to be the patron saint of salt miners in Poland and you will find out why. Also: How the mine functioned during World War II?  Who visited Wieliczka Salt Mine throughout the history? What is the title of the movie shot there? All those questions will be answered.

The microclimate of the mine has a beneficial impact on visitors who suffer from asthma and allergies, so breathe as deeply as you can! Nowadays the mine serves not only as a monument of culture but also as a venue for underground concerts, theater shows and various exhibitions.

There aren’t many such places in the world which would show you the amazing history of salt and its importance to Poland’s development. There are even fewer that would offer such a high number of unique attractions like an underground lake or the only church in Europe below the surface of the Earth. This reason alone should be enough to convince you to go there.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour Itinerary

Pickup from selected hotels
Please pick your hotel from the list while booking the tour
Skip the line
Sometimes the line to get a ticket for Wieliczka Salt Mine tour can be overwhelming. With us you don’t need to worry, your seat is secured.
Local expert guide
Official Wieliczka Salt Mine guide will show you around the Mine in your language. Entrance fees are already paid so you don’t have to worry about anything.
Drop Off
You can be dropped off near the place of the pickup at the City Center of Krakow.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Regulations

  • Please mind that the tour begins with climbing down 380 steps and the regular tour does not include the lift that takes you down
  • Please, wear comfortable shoes - the tour requires a lot of walking
  • You will get a headset to hear the guide clearly throughout the entire tour
  • The temperature in Salt Mine is around 14 degrees so please take a jacket with you

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation not possible

  • To receive a discount the participant is required to show a valid ID confirming the age of the participant (students are required to have a valid Student ID).
  • Please arrive at the designated pick - up point at least 5 minutes before departure time. 
  • Minor delays (circa 20 minutes) are possible due to traffic conditions in Krakow. 


What Wieliczka Salt Mine option will be the best for me?


  1. If you are physically challenged, you have trouble climbing stairs and need to pick the Shorter Route choose Wieliczka Salt Mine with Private Transport- we will organize the Shorter Route especially for you. Also, this option will be best for you if you want to be picked up from a private apartment - our driver will pick you up from any point in Krakow.
  2. If you are staying in the Old Town or Jewish Quarter Area and you don't mind using our meeting points - pick the Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour. You will save some money by choosing this option!
  3. If you want to travel to Wieliczka Salt Mine by yourself (by train or bus) and you don't need transportation from Krakow, but you want to book your ticket in advance and skip the line at the Salt Mine - pick the Krakow Salt Mine Ticket
    The meeting point is super easy to find, you will join our group and skip the queue!

I hope that explains everything :) Oh, and one more thing: the sightseeing of Wieliczka Salt Mine in all those options is the same (the difference is only the transportation, the guided tour of Salt Mine doesn't differ).