How to get around Oskar Schindler Museum?
How to prepare for a visit to a building from WWII


Oskar Schindler's Museum in Cracow is one of the most popular museums in the city. The heroic Oskar Schindler saved many Jewish lives and gained great fame with Steven Spielberg's film "Schindler's List." The modern museum is located in the original building where the factory operated in wartime.


Schindler's Factory then and now.

But how to get around the Oskar Schindler museum? Where to get tickets from? A guide? How to get there? You will learn the answers to these and other questions below: 

How to get tickets to the museum?

You can buy tickets on the website of Schindler’s Museum, you can buy tickets in the ticket office inside museum but there is risk that you will end up in queue.

If you want to avoid it use Discover Cracow website and buy yourself a skip the line ticket that will allow you to enter the museum.

Oskar Schindler's Museum Ticket -link


How to get a guide?

If you want to visit the museum with a licensed guide you can also check out Discover Cracow website. Our guides are best in their profession and can „paint” a war time Cracow in front of you by telling you history.

Oskar Schindler's Museum Guided Tour -link


How to get a private guide?

If you want you can of course get a private guided tour, with guide especially for you.

Oskar Schindler's Museum Private Guided Tour -link


How to get to the museum?

If you are in center of Cracow you can easly go to tram station „Teatr Słowackiego” (basically its close to both Galeria Krakowska and Main Square Market). Enter the tram numer 3, 20 or 24 (you can Google it because two of tchem goes from one tram stop and the other one from another, even if they are named same way you need to check direction of tram) leave at tram stop Zabłocie or Plac Bohaterów Getta and walk to Lipowa 4 street, its not far away. Then you will see Museum building.

If you are already in Galeria Krakowska Shopping Mall you can go to Main Tram Station you can go to Zabłocie by train. Just enter into SKA1/SKA2/SKA3 and go two stops and you will be in Kraków Zabłocie around 450m from museum!

You can take a ride with one of these, direction „Lipowa 4 street, Oskar Schindler Museum”, driver will exactly know where to take you. It cost around 5 €.


What can you learn by visit?

Inside museum you will learn not only history os Oskar Schindler. Museum show us a reasons why war started, how normal people were feeling about it. You can see authentic objects from that time, you can nearly feel the fear of people leaving then. After visit you will also know how Nazi Germans were trying to germanize Cracow. You will know about a Jews from Cracow, about their terrible fate. Museum is modernistic so everything is presented in a way that you can like it. And of coure you will learn the history of Oskar Schindler and his factory.


How long is the visit?

If you have only ticket and go by yourself you can funish the museum in about 1,5h, but if you are as curious as I you can even spend there over 2h!

If you will go with our guide you will see entire museum with guide commentary in around 1,5h.


Is it worth to visit it?

Definitely! Oskar Schindler person is a true hero that deserves to be heard about and to repeat the story of the brave German who saved Jews. Museum as itself is very well organised and exhibitions are well prepared to international guests. Museum is kinda crowded but its authentic building from Oskar Schindler’s time!


This is how to get around Oskar Schindler's Museum 

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