Energylandia Amusement Park Car Parking ticket


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If you have tickets already the next you are wondering is probably place to leave your car in Amusement Park. It can be really crowded...
Buy yourself a Ticket for Parking lot!

Aleja 3 Maja 2, Zator
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A safe place for your car

The parking lot is guarded and under continuous monitoring. You don't have to worry about your car while driving Hyperion or Zadra. 

Is it really necessary?

In 2023 there was nearly 21 000 000 visitors in Energylandia. Parking lot in season is really crowded. if you arrive at the site you may find that there is no more room and then there is a problem. You can try to park somewhere in the area but there is no guarantee that this place will be safe and that you will find a place at all. Why worry about it? Buy parking tickets and take them with you to avoid wasting your time at Energylandia.

Where is the parking lot?

Literally right next to Hyperion! This is the official parking lot of the theme park. As you get out of your car you can see and hear(!) people with great adrenaline rushing over 100km/h vertically down! After parking, you only have to walk a few steps towards the main gates and there the fun begins!

This is ticket only for parking lot!

When you buy this product you are only buying a ticket for parking at the amusement park. If you wish to purchase a ticket to the park you can do so here:
Energylandia Fast Track Ticket
Energylandia 2-day pass

Do you want to stop worrying?

Stop worrying right now, buy a parking ticket and go see if those Rollecoasters people are talking about are really that thrilling!