A Year to Remember: Notable Events in Cracow 2024
Cracow's Cultural Calendar of First Half of 2024


Events and highlights of Cracow, first half of 2024: Unveiling the cultural world

From traditional festivals that echo the city's centuries-old traditions to contemporary gatherings that celebrate innovation and creativity, Krakow's event calendar is a testament to its dynamic spirit

Let's uncover the must-attend events, festivals, and highlights that will define the city's cultural landscape in the coming year.


01.01.2024 -End of Christmas Market 2023, Link
06.01.2024 -Epiphany procession, Link
12.01.2024 - 18.01.2024 -Best Films 2023 at "Kino Pod Baranami", Link
13.01.2024 - 28.01.2024 -Lviv in an old photograph, Link
26.01.2024 - 02.02.2024 -German Film Week, 2024 Link


17.11.2024 - 18.02.2024 -Wawel Castle "Masters of the Italian Renaissance. Bellini. Titian. Bassano", Link
01.02.2024 - 18.02.2024 -Opera Rara Kraków 2024, Link
21.02.2024 -The end of exhibition "Fashion and sport", Link


03.03.2024 -The end of "Smurfs - Garden of Lights 2023", Link
17.03.2024 - 26.03.2024 -Cracow Fashion Week 2024, Link
22.03.2024 - 24.03.2024 -13. Krakow Comics Festival, Link


26.04.2024 -International Festival of Independent Cinema, Mastercard OFF CAMERA 2024, Link


26.05.2024 - 02.06.2024 -64th Krakow Film Festival, Link


01.06.2024 -Children's Day
01.06.2024 -André Rieu at Tauron Arena Krakow, Link
~22.06.2024 -Welcoming summer, Wianki Music Festival, Link
23.06.2024 -32nd Jewish Culture Festival, Link



You should definitely expect festivals of cuisine and regional culture on the Small Market Square. July is a holiday month so keep an eye on my blog and the City of Krakow website and others like it to find out about yet unannounced holiday events.

August is also a holiday month, August events will be given closer to the implementation date, keep an eye on my blog and the City of Krakow website so you don't miss anything.

Krakow, being a tourist city, offers a plethora of all kinds of events, concerts, workshops and exhibitions for both visitors and locals. Many of them are held periodically, but the specific date of the event has not yet been made available, so I have limited myself to the first half (a little over) of the year.

Read on, find something for you and pass it on!

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