How to get to Auschwitz from Krakow (Updated 2024)
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Getting to Auschwitz from Krakow

Do you wonder how to get to Auschwitz from Krakow in the way that the most fits your needs? We can imagine your doubts. Auschwitz Tour is treated as Krakow Tour but Oświęcim is actually a different city, where you can use a certain transport to get to. You can choose several ways to get from Krakow to Auschwitz.

We'll make it simple to you to arrange your trip and get essential information. In this article you will find out how to visit Auschwitz with different options of tours, as well as how to get there without an organized tour. 

Find out what thrilling discoveries await you at the museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau and check the possibility to travel to the former concentration camp of Oświęcim on your own.

How far is Auschwitz from Krakow?

The concentration camp of Auschwitz and Birkenau is located in the city of Oświęcim, about 66 kilometres west of Krakow. Auschwitz is a German name of the city and also a component of the name of the infamous concentration camp that was established outside of then-obliging town boundaries in the 1940s.

Nowadays, the "Arbeit macht frei" entry gate is located about 2,5 kilometres from the city centre of Oswiecim.

Krakow to Auschwitz
How far is Auschwitz from Krakow?

Buses from Krakow to Auschwitz and return

The bus is the best way to get to Auschwitz. There is an option to book a bus ticket directly to Auschwitz Museum from Krakow Bus Station. It is the easiest way to travel to Auschwitz Museum on your own. If you would like to travel independently by a public bus, this is the solution for you. We provide return tickets for the official carrier - Lajkonik. If it's something you are looking for, check Shuttle Bus to Auschwitz and return.

 Connection from Krakow to Auschwitz by bus is presented below:

  • From: MDA Bus Station Krakow (Lower floor)
  • Gate: D10 for all hours except 8:40 which is D9
  • Price: 20 PLN for one way ticket
  • Travel time: 1:30-2:00h
  • Distance to Museum after stop: 1 min by foot
  • Current departure times: 6:20, 8:40, 9:40, 11:10, 12:30, 14:45, 15:50, 16:55, 19:05

Please note that if you don't prebook your ticket to Auschwitz Museum your entrance will not be secured.

It is possible to purchase tickets to Oswiecim at the stationary ticket offices of Dworzec MDA on the day of departure, while the drivers of certain carriers also sell them directly if the buses are not crowded. 

Krakow to Auschwitz
Krakow Bus Station

ATTENTION: The easiest and most efficient way to get to Auschwitz and make the most of it is to book an organized tour. Take a closer look at these 3 options:

The most popular choices

Train to Auschwitz: the most reliable, yet not direct transportation

Getting to Auschwitz from Krakow is not that difficult after all :)

There are direct railway connections to the city of Oswiecim that leave from Krakow once an hour or two, with a standard journey lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes.

  • From: Main Train Station Krakow
  • Price: 12,50 PLN for Adult one way ticket
  • Travel time: ~1:50h
  • Distance to Museum after stop: 20-30 mins by foot, 5-10 mins with bus

Check Auschwitz Birkenau Train Timetable.

The railway agency that operates on this route requires having it purchased at a stationary ticket office or on the Internet (such bought ticket may be printed or downloaded to a mobile device).

Once you get off, you will find yourself at the railway station of Oswiecim, about 1,9 kilometres away from the concentration camp of Auschwitz.

You may take a walk (with 25 minutes expected to cover the distance) or decide to use the transportation company of the town – an urban bus line which has its stop near the railway station and includes the "Muzeum" stop in its timetable (the price for a single ticket is PLN 3,5 and you will pay PLN 2,50 for a reduced one).

Krakow to Auschwitz
Walk from Railway Station at Oswięcim to Auschwitz Museum

How to return: Walk back to Oswiecim railway station or take a return bus to Krakow. If you are also interested in exploring the town itself, check the local places that are worth a visit here.

Tour to Auschwitz with transportation

If you find all those options too complicated, don't hesitate to ask us for an organized trip with the transport from Krakow to Museum and back. This is the easiest way if you want to get to Auschwitz. 

Tours include pick-up service which means that you will be picked up from the pick-up spot in the city center:

  • Pawia 18b

After the tour, you can choose where you want to be dropped off, in one of the above pick-up spots or just in the city center. You can also choose the option with direct pickup from the hotel where you are staying. This solution ensures convenience and a worry-free experience. 

English speaking driver will help you throughout the whole trip assisting you and answering all the necessary questions. You can book such a tour HERE.

  • From: One of the above pick-up points in the city center or hotel pick-up (if particular offer chosen)
  • Price: From 69 €  for the tour with ticket, live guide, transportation and hotel pick-up (Check here available options)
  • Travel time: 1:00h-1:30h (one way)
  • Distance to Museum after stop: Direct connection

Krakow to auschwitz

When to visit Auschwitz?

After you found out a way to get from Krakow to Auschwitz, you need to be sure its open. The exhibitions of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp are open to visitors daily, with the exceptions of January the 1st, the first day of Easter and the 25th of December, as well as on certain days or hours when official diplomatic delegations are to be hosted there (you may check these special dates when Auschwitz isn't open).

It is possible to visit the museum between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. (December), 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. (January, November), 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (February), 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (March, October), 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (April, May, September) or 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (June, July, August). The closing hours mentioned above are when the last groups of visitors are admitted inside, having one and a half an hour to complete their visits.

Krakow to Auschwitz

What should I choose?

As a Local, I would say "it depends". But to make it easier for you to choose a way of transport from Krakow to Auschwitz:

If you enjoyed my guide please share it and gratitude my work. I will really appreciate it, thanks!

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2019.03.04 14:03
hi, Insightful article Thank you. I'm going to Krakow on the 8-10 of March. I want to do Auschwitz on the 9. Which of the tours would you recommend?
2019.03.05 11:03
Dear Mackie, I highly recommend taking a full organized tour - you will not have to worry about the transportation and entrance fees (we still have 12 available seats for 9th March - you can book here: ). I am afraid that is the only way to visor Auschwitz on the 9th (I checked and there are no available tours on the official Auschwitz website). If you need any help or have additional questions - email me at Best regards, Karolina
2019.03.07 09:03
Greetings from Perth, Australia. Auschwitz is definitely on my bucket list and I'm making a detour to my Germany holiday just to see it. Any other sites worth visiting while in Krakow or this area? We're only staying 2 days in Krakow during Sep/Oct. Thanks for your great blog. :-)
2019.03.07 10:03
Dear Donovan, thank you for your comment! If you have only two days in Krakow I would recommend taking an early morning tour to Auschwitz (takes 7,5 hours), and then afternoon tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine (starts at 15:00 and takes 4,5 hours) - that will be an intensive day, but definitely worth it. And the next day you could take a walking tour to see all the important places at Old Town and Kazimierz Area. You have to see Wawel Castle and Schindler's Factory is worth visiting as well. You could email me if you need any additional advice, I'll be happy to help! Best regards, Karolina
2019.03.24 13:03
Hi Karolina we are coming to Krakow in June . We have booked a visit without tour guide but have to be there by 8 am . Do the buses even run that early as we would have to leave at 06:30 to get there ? I’m thinking maybe a taxi as it’s so early ? Many thanks
2019.03.25 14:03
Dear Emma, yes, we have a bus available at 6:20 so there should not be any problem :) You can check it out here: Best regards, Karolina
2019.09.08 11:09
I will be visiting this December. The information is thorough and highly helpful. Would you happen to know any travel guides but not for groups rather someone like you who would give a more personalized tour?
2019.09.09 22:09
thanks, this is really useful
2019.09.17 03:09
Thank you so much for the information! Exactly what I was looking for - laid out clearly and concisely! Really looking forward to our visit.
2019.09.18 12:09
Hi Karolina I have visited Auschwitz earlier this year but visiting again this time with my husband. We would like to spend more time around the area and was thinking about hiring a car for two/three days to explore other activities. Is this a good idea, we are well travelled and confident about driving in other countries. Also, is it possible once your tour has finished in the camp you can go around again. I am mindful last time I was there that there were a lot of people on tours I and would have liked more time to read and take on board every word written and soak up the personal exhibits. Your advise would be welcomed. Kind regards Sharon
2019.09.27 23:09
very helpful
2022.11.24 11:11
Really useful information - thanks


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