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Cultural heritage
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Cultural heritage

A quick guide to Krakow tours

Kraków has over 200 interesting places and museums to visit, so it may be hard to choose the best ones. For sure you can not leave Krakow without seeing Wieliczka Salt Mine - it’s a no-brainer, but that else?

Auschwitz Tours

It’s probably the saddest souvenir of the World War II. Visiting it can be a thrilling experience, but you’re going to have the most memorable history lesson there. Take a walk between well preserved blocks and barracks and save the remembrance of killed millions. Avoid crowds by choosing Auschwitz Birkenau Small Group Guided Tour.

Wawel Royal Castle

Join the Wawel - Guided Tour of the Royal Hill and listen to all the tales about Polish dynasties. One of the most important designations of Polish country. Its numerous defence walls, chambers, chapels and decorative roofs captivate with their architecture. Lose yourself between the halls and towers and feel like traveling back in time.

It was also a legendary dragon's den, so better watch out!

Main Market Square

Krakow Old Town will be probably the most exciting area for you. No wonder! All tiny streets that are connected together with the monumental square can make a big impression. Find a lot of open-minded local people, let yourself feel the taste of Polish food and don’t even try to skip the lovely facades of tenement houses around. The Main Market Square Small Group Walking Tour will be the best option to explore all the gems!

Wonders of Krakow

Krakow is the place where you can have the Polish culture, traditions and hospitality together at your fingertips! There are also many interesting places around Krakow that are very important symbols for Polish history and mentality. Looking for some miracles of the nature? They won’t be missing either! Just come to Krakow and see for yourself!

See you in Krakow!