Places to Relax in Krakow
Prepare to have the best time EVER!


Every so often everyone has the urge to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city and hide away somewhere.

It sure is fun to explore an unfamiliar town at full speed, but if you feel the urge to wind down, don’t fight it!

Give yourself the time to chill out.

If you want to take a break – you have come to the right place, as Krakow has some great spots that can be your secret hideaway.

Today I want to guide you through a few of them. Believe me when I say that you’re in for a treat!

Let’s relax, shall we?


Park Bednarskiego

Perfect for you if you like: nature

Sitting amongst beautiful greenery, watching squirrels chasing each other… sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Places to relax Krakow


If that is your cup of tea then I couldn’t recommend Park Bednarskiego enough. Located on a hill in Podgórze, just by the majestic St. Joseph’s Church and colorful stairs (mentioned as one of the lesser-known Krakow’s places worth visiting here), Park Bednarskiego looks over this part of the town. It is not frequented by tourists, so you will most likely be able to find some peace and quiet here.

Definitely worth checking out!

Meho Cafe

Perfect for you if you like: good coffee and magical gardens

Krakow has loads of really amazing cafes, but this is the only one I know that lets you sip your coffee in an enchanted garden that looks as if taken straight out of a fairytale.

Places to relax Krakow


Just by looking at the entrance you would never be able to tell that behind closed doors you can find a true treasure in the centre of the city!

It is one of the most charming places for your middle-of-the-day caffeine fix. They also serve various juices, meals and deserts if you’re interested, but who are we kidding…

it’s the garden that takes the cake!
(Sorry… Simply couldn’t resist a good old pun.)

Forum Przestrzenie

Perfect for you if you like: good company, chill atmosphere and beer

Hip place with deckchairs, fairy lights and incredible view, where you can sit comfortably and enjoy beer and pizza with your friends.

Places to relax Krakow


Relatively new on the map of the city, Forum Przestrzenie has already become very popular among the young crowd.

And for a good reason! The prices are bearable, the variety of alcohols is impressive, the vibe is very cool and the views are to die for.

The Vistulan Boulevards

Perfect for you if you like: long strolls

Walking alongside the river is a great idea for a calming activity combined with getting a dose of exercise and seeing parts of the city that you would not be able to see otherwise!

Places to relax Krakow

Vistulan Boulevards are the perfect destination for a relaxing afternoon walk. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and take your camera with you! You will probably be tempted to take a few detours on your way.

If you fancy, you can also take a water tram and visit the Tyniec Abbey nearby.


Perfect for you if you like: relaxing by water

A man-made lake which has become a paradise for virtually everyone: you will like it whether you are into fishing, swimming or just laying on a beach getting a gorgeous tan and forgetting about the world with a book in hand. Your call!

You can have a grill with your friends, sail, water ski or simply sit on deckchairs and enjoy the weather - it's a great family-friendly location that will cater to everyone's needs and tastes.

Come and see for yourself!

U Romana

Perfect for you if you like: rooftop views

A small bistro that seems to have it all: wallet-friendly prices, passionate customers reading music scores instead of newspapers over their beverages (the cafe is located on the highest floor of the Academy of Music in the centre of Krakow!) and, of course, the views.

Oh, the views!

Places to relax Krakow


If you step out of the cafe onto the big terrace, you will be amazed by the bird’s eye view of the city.

Krakow will seem even more charming, I swear!


Perfect for you if you like: people watching

The park that encircles the area of Old Town is a great place to sit down for a few minutes (or much, much longer) and rest your legs after hours of running around the city centre.

Places to relax Krakow


If you enjoy people watching, I can’t imagine a better place for you – there is A LOT of people here.

It’s also a good spot if you need a change in perspective: once you sit down – you are slowing down, but the city keeps it’s busy pace that you can now observe while being withdrawn from the stream of people going both ways.

There is an abundance of benches inviting you to just sit and relax.

If you're travelling with kids, they will probably fall in love with it as well, as there are a few new unique modern playgrounds there.

Absolutely stunning regardless of the season.

I highly recommend it!


Perfect for you if you like: picnics

Vast, open meadow frequented by joggers and dog owners?

Sign me up for a picnic!

Grab a blanket and a basket filled with your favourite treats and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.

Great option for all the outdoorsy types who don’t want to stray away from the city centre – the convenient location of Błonia makes it an attractive destination, as it's just a short walk away from the Main Market Square.

The most popular choices

BONUS: What to avoid in Krakow if you want to relax?

Bear with me - I know this may seem obvious, but hey! I thought it was worth mentioning.

Let's say you're super tired and all you can think about is chillin' like a villain...

I'll give you a few pointers on how to navigate the city in that merciless state. You can thank me later!

1. Avoid queues like a plague

Free days in certain museums are a great way to get the most out of your trip on a budget, but oh my Lord, the queues...

Don't plan a visit to a museum on a free day if you know that you won't be particularly happy to wait for a bit. It would sure be worth it, but nobody likes the grumposaurus of the group!

2. Take trams when you can

They are usually less crowded than buses (as they are bigger) + there is a smaller chance that you'll get stuck in traffic.

3. Buy your tickets via an app or in a machine at the tram/bus stop

It will save you time, money and getting through the crowd to the front of the tram/bus.

4. Visit the less popular sights

Sure, the Main Market Square is incredible. So is Floriańska Street, Wawel and the Jewish Quarter. You know what they also are (particularly during the summer months)?

Yup, you guessed it - crowded.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be the wet blanket here! While I adore these places and I believe they are absolute musts when you are in our city, I just suggest that maybe you can plan your visit there for days when you have a bit more stamina and patience.

In the meantime, if you don't feel like dealing with a lot of people, why not check out some less frequented spots in Krakow?

5. Prebook your activities

Save yourself the headache!

If you know that you will want to visit a popular destination (such as Auschwitz-Birkenau or the Wieliczka Salt Mine), book it in advance. You will save so much time and energy if you do so!

Hectic running around the city looking for last-minute seats on tours that have been sold out for months is the farthest thing from relax you can imagine...

I do hope that you will remember your trip to Krakow as happy, carefree time and that you will be able to call our amazing city your happy place.

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2019.07.23 11:07
I was more than surprised to discover, in the middle of the Krakow, nature at it's finest. I live in the countryside, so I'm rather used to the green landscape. When visiting Krakow I saw many beautiful landmarks, such as Churches of the Main Square, or Wawel Castle. The most pleasant addition: the view from Wawel Castle to the Vistula river and Kosciuszki Mound - green hills from where I stood to the horizon. Same was around the Old City - Planty is an amazing promenade, where one can forget the urban surroundings. Krakow, despite its reputation, is a green city, where all nature lovers find something for themselves.
2019.07.23 16:07
We couldn't agree more. In Krakow, nature is a vital part of the city's beauty. And all of the mentioned places (Park Bednarskiego, Meho Cafe, Forum Przestrzenie, The Vistulan Boulevards and so on) let you touch it. There's a reason why Krakow walking tours and crawls are such good ways to spend some time!

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