How to get to Wieliczka Salt Mine From Krakow (Updated 2024)
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Are you wondering how to get from Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mine?

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If you want to travel on your own this article is For You!

Wieliczka Salt Mine - good decision!

You’ve made a good decision. Visiting this place should be obligatory for every Krakow tourist!

Why so?

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a marvellous underground world of natural and industrial importance, inscribed to UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. It provides visitors of all ages with the views and feelings that are unparalleled to those offered by any other place in the world.

Krakow to Salt Mine
Let yourself fall in love with the secrets of the mine!

Fortunately, going there is much easier than you can imagine! Just check ways how to get there and follow all the tips below.

In this article, we’ve prepared for you all Krakow to Salt Mines travel solutions. Using them is the best way to enjoy the world’s most famous salt mine located close to Krakow, Poland.

How far is Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow?

Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines are composed of a set of underground mining corridors of total 327 metres depth and 287 kilometres length. Back in the 13th century, the salt mine started operating in the lovely town called Wieliczka.

It’s located 16 kilometres southeast from Krakow.

Not very far, right?

That’s why visiting Wieliczka is the necessary trip while visiting Krakow!

Thanks to the short distance you can take this route in several ways. Everything depends of your time, money, self-reliance and organisation skills.

Check the following options to reach the Salt Mine.

Train from Krakow to Wieliczka

If you like to admire the beautiful views through the window, a train is a perfect option!

But let’s start from the beginning!

In order to reach Salt Mine Krakow by train, you need to go to the Main Station of Krakow and get on a train operated by Koleje Małopolskie – a railway company providing its services in Lesser Poland and the metropolitan area of Krakow. Because of it, you may also pay for your railway connection to Wieliczka within the fees of other means of urban transportation of Krakow.

krakow to salt Mine
A train is a really good option!

Koleje Malopolskie have their trains painted blue and orange, while the abbreviation of the company you will find in the timetable is “KMŁ” or “KMAL” (be aware of that other railway agencies require their company-specific tickets bought).

Looking for some more details?

The KMŁ trains to Wieliczka usually leave once per a half-an-hour and it takes them about 20 minutes to reach the station of your interest: Wieliczka Rynek-Kopalnia, the third consecutive station within the boundaries of the town. The distance between the station and Wieliczka Salt Mine barely exceeds 500 metres and should be covered on foot, which should not last more than 10 minutes. You may find the most suitable route to Danilowicz shaft below.

Krakow to Salt Mine
From Dworzec PKP Wieliczka (Train Station in Wieliczka) to Salt Mine Museum

How much for the ticket?

A KML ticket from Krakow to Salt Mines for two-hour validity costs PLN 5,50 (slightly more than EUR 1).

The former ticket may be bought from the ticket machines of KML that both operate at the Main Station of Krakow and inside its tunnels, as well as from traditional stationary ticket offices. You can buy it easily on PKP website as well!

Don’t worry about the payment!

Most ticket machines both accept cash and debit cards, while some older models may only require payments in coins.

Quick note to write down:

  • Where from: Main Train Station Krakow (the trains leaves once per half an hour).
  • Train sign: SKA1, KMŁ
  • Ticket price: 5,50 PLN (around 1,20 €) for adult one way ticket, available to be bought in ticket machine in Main Station as well as at traditional offices.
  • Travel time: 20-30 minutes.
  • Distance to Museum after stop: 10 mins by foot.

Would you like to know how to return?

It’s really simple! Just walk back to Wieliczka Rynek-Kopalnia Station, find the right platform and get on a returning train to Krakow Główny Station or other stations of the city that are potentially closer to your accommodation.

Bus from Krakow to Wieliczka

Do you prefer buses instead of trains?

There is no problem to reach to Wieliczka by bus. It’s a great occasion to meet another tourists and local people as well. Buses are also cheap but less comfortable option than trains.

What about a bus to Salt Mines?

Where to catch the bus to Wieliczka?

In order to reach Salt Mine Krakow by bus, it is the most convenient for you to take line 304, with its stops located close to the Old Town of Krakow and its Main Station.

You may catch the bus at a stop that is close to its bus depot, the Main Railway Station and Galeria Krakowska.

On-line timetables for line 304 may be checked in an app to your phone - jakdojade , which is really cool app if you want to travel by city buses (all timetables and travel planning in one app). You can also use Google Maps, it works very well.

Line 304 leaves to Wieliczka at the intervals of 20 minutes and it takes about 33 minutes from Krakow to Salt Mines by bus.

How much does it cost?

As Wieliczka falls within Zone II of the city’s urban transportation, be sure to purchase your ticket as valid for zones I+II. The cost of a single ticket is 6PLN. The reduced tickets are half-priced.

What happens later?

The stop you should get off at is named Wieliczka Kopalnia Soli. After you walk along Dembowskiego street, taking a turn left into Danilowicza street will lead you straight to Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Krakow to Salt Mine
Remember to validate your ticket inside the bus!

Please, make a note again:

  • From: Main Bus Station Krakow (304 Line, available to check the route with, laves every 20-30 minutes.
  • Price: 6 PLN (1,25 €) for an adult one-way ticket, available to be bought in ticket machine inside the bus. Remember to buy a ticket for I+II zone.
  • Travel time: 35 minutes.
  • Distance to Museum after stop: 5 mins by foot.
  • Last stop name: Wieliczka Kopalnia Soli.

Are you curious how to return?

Krakow to Salt Mine
The road from and to the bus-stop.

Just walk along Danilowicza Street and take a turn right into Dembowskiego Street. The bus stop for line 304 taking its returning course to Krakow will be on the other side of the road.

Did you rent a car?

If you are travelling on your own by rented car you should know that there are three car parks operating close to the Salt Mine: two in Dembowskiego Street and one in Danilowicza Street.

Krakow to Salt Mine
You won’t miss the main entrance

But there is much simpler and quicker solution to visit Wieliczka Salt Mine!

The most popular choices

Tours from Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mines

There are still much more comfortable and smart options to visit Wieliczka without any stress!

All that you have to do is to join organised Wieliczka Salt Mine tour with local guide. It’s the best option for those who suffer from the lack of time and want to get know as much as possible about a visited place. The whole organization of the trip is on the side of the travel agency, so you don’t have to worry about tickets, timetables and maps. It’s the easiest way to see all Wieliczka’s gems without queues and worries.

Krakow to Salt Mine
Visit Wieliczka without any worries!

Let your tour agent take care of you and your family and use the arranged transport from Krakow to Salt Mine. Those full package tours include entrance tickets, transit from Krakow and back (only 30 minutes one-way!) and the whole knowledge of the guide who will tell you the most incredible stories and interesting facts about Wieliczka.

You can be sure that the tour includes:

  • Pickup from few pick-up points in Krakow city center
  • Transport to Salt Mine and back
  • Entrance tickets
  • Official Salt Mine guide

Do you want to know more details about those tours?

Let us put some light on it.

Are you wondering how standard guided tour looks like?

Just after you will be picked-up straight from your hotel and taken to the kingdom of salt on a minivan, you will join a group of other visitors. There will be maximum of 35 enthusiasts of underground adventures next to you. It’s a great opportunity to meet other travellers and create new friendships. Picking up from the city center and driving you back will save a lot of your time for another Krakow’s attractions. That’s why it’s the perfect option if you don’t have much time for travelling to Wieliczka Salt Mine on your own.

krakow to salt mine
Just enjoy this beautiful space!

What else should you know?

We have designated pick-up point in Krakow city center area, it's important to be present in chosen pick-up point 10 minutes before the departure time.

Then just follow the group and let your expert guide will safely lead you through the maze of corridors, chambers, chapels and bridges of the salt mine, providing you with any information you should know about its secrets and history.

This inspiring journey into the depths of the earth is something you will not forget long after having left the lift taking you back to the ground level. The tourist route encompassed by the tour will require about 4,5 hours of spare time from you. And it will be the best way of spending it on the day you decide to follow the trail.


Guided tour with a private transport

Do you like to travel in the most comfortable way?

If you have your own group of people and don’t feel to meet strangers on your way, this tour will perfectly respond to your needs!

You can visit the underground salt city of Wieliczka with an expert guide and private transport, with all the attention centred around your questions, expectations and time-related requirements. After you decide to take the tour of this kind, you will be picked up from the location of your preference by an English speaking private driver.

Krakow to Salt mine
Comfortable vehicles are waiting for your group!

The transport to Wieliczka will rely on taking you for a ride inside a comfortable and safe vehicle, which is exceptionally convenient during winters. Since your satisfaction is what matters the most, you may be sure that any specific modifications to the itinerary are something the tour operator is ready to discuss.

What’s next?

As having covered about 3,5 kilometres of Wieliczka’s sidewalks may leave you a bit tired, being dropped-off anywhere you want after the tour is over will turn out as something not to be underestimated.

Sound like a dream? Just enter this Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour with Private Transport page and have that all!

When to visit Wieliczka Salt Mine?

You already know how to visit Wieliczka. But do you know when can you go there?

If you are going from Krakow to Salt Mines you have to know that it is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. between April, 1st and October, 31st.

For the remaining part of the calendar year, it opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. – this is when the last group of visitors is admitted underground.

There are also the days when its opening hours may undergo extensions and such dates as the New Year, the first day of Easter, November the 1st or the first two days of Christmas when the museum at the Royal Salt Mine does not operate.

Krakow to salt mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine entrance

What is the best way to travel from Krakow to Wieliczka

We've given you a lot of tips and options but do you know which one is the best for you?

Each of us has different expectations and needs. For some, saving time and convenience are a priority and the other greatest joy is acting on their own. Everything depends on our saved money, time for travelling and the comfort zone. That's why we want to help you make the best decision.

The cheapest way to travel from Krakow to Salt Mines

In this category, a train is the winner. A bus may be a little bit more expensive but it won't overstand your budget as well. As you already know how to travel to Wieliczka Salt Mine on budget, all you need now is a ticket. We offer tickets which include the entrance and professional certified guide in chosen language. Check the full offer here! We offer tickets with live guide in following languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

The most comfortable way to visit Wieliczka

Taking an organised tour from Krakow to Wieliczka is the easiest and most convenient way to visit that wonderful site. It's also the best option for the families, especially with kids. You will save a lot of time and stay calm thanks to fast transport, local guide and previously bought tickets.

Krakow to salt mine
Ready for an adventure?

Check our simple decision tree at the end:

  • Want to save money? Don't care about travel conditions? Catch the bus from Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mine. Don't forget to buy your ticket in advance! :)
  • Looking for comfortable conditions or travelling with kids? Choose the guided tour.
  • Want to avoid queues, buying tickets and travel in a group? Decide on the organized private tour.

Hope you enjoyed this guide! Please share it or comment if you found it helpful! :)

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