Zalipie, Poland – The Most Beautiful Village You’ve Ever Seen



Grey and gloomy in the city?

Tired of the same urban landscapes?

That’s not a problem!

Get ready for a pop of colour and visit Poland’s most colourful and beautiful village.



Zalipie, Poland – Painted Village

Why is Zalipie worth visiting?

Zalipie, Poland is perhaps one of the most beautiful villages in Poland, but surely the most colorful one. It is known for its tradition of painting special, folksy flower patterns.

The whole village is painted and it charms people with its special atmosphere. There is no other place like that – the paintings are unique. And they are everywhere – not only houses are painted, but also barns, dog kennels, walls, furniture, fences, clothes, you name it!


Why leave it all boring when you can cover it with flowers?

There are more than 30 houses entirely covered with flower patterns, but there are a few especially worth seeing. One of them is The House of the Women Painters.

It is a center of culture in Zalipie and a folk museum. When you’re there, you can even see how the flowers are painted and make your own souvenir! What is also essential while visiting the village is Saint Joseph’s church. This striking building is covered with polish folk flowers from the inside, creating an unforgettable image. 


Have you ever seen a church like this?

Wonderful atmosphere of Zalipie

In Zalipie not only can you admire these exceptional works of art, but you can also learn something about people who used to live in this village – their way of living, their inventions, their stories. It is extremely fascinating to explore and indulge in this creativity – it’s like a whole new world!


Green, fresh and beautiful.

Apart from the paintings, Zalipie is surrounded by amazing green landscapes. It is full of trees, colorful gardens with hollyhocks (traditional flowers), and fresh air. Despite its popularity, the village is very quiet and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

A brief story of Zalipie

  • The tradition of painting flowers started in the late nineteenth century when women in Zalipie started to cover surfaces dirty from soot with white paint and then, colorful patterns.
  • Their paint was made with powdered dye and milk.
  • The patterns soon became flowers and the tradition was becoming more and more popular.
  • Even during the World War II tradition was alive and the painters – active.
  • One of them was Felicja Curyło, the most famous painter in Zalipie and whose house was almost fully covered with flowers.
  • Today, the tradition is continued in the village and has many followers. Through competitions, exhibitions, and festivals the uniqueness of the tradition will never die.

Painted houses of Zalipie

Today, they are dozens of painted houses in Zalipie. The flowers, patterns, and colors are one of the kind. They are the most important element of the village’s landscape.

What is interesting about the flower patterns is that each one of them is unique. They do not copy any particular kind of flower! Instead, they just show the painters’ imagination and vision.


The most popular choices

Krakow Traditional Folk Show
Duration: 3h 15min (1h transport both ways + 2h 15min dinner)
Krakow City Pass - Museums and Transport (3 days)
Duration: 3 days in row

Zalipie, Poland – how to get there?

Are you convinced to visit this absolutely AMAZING place? Let me help you get there!

Where is Zalipie Poland?

Zalipie is located in Lesser Poland, in the South of Poland, between Krakow, Tarnow, Sandomierz, and Czestochowa. If you’re making a trip around Lesser Poland - Zalipie definitely should be your stop due to its great location.

How far is Zalipie from Krakow?

Zalipie, Poland is located very close to Krakow, about 100 kilometers (62 miles). If you’re already in Krakow, the way there shouldn’t take long, about an hour and a half.

How to get to Zalipie from Krakow?

If you have decided to visit this magical place, you should know how to get there in the easiest way. Here are my suggestions:

1. A car

If you have a car, the easiest way to get to Zalipie are the A4 and DK73 roads. Your GPS will guide you there.

2. A bus

There are a few options if you want to get to Zalipie by bus. Firstly, you will need to get to Tarnów. My suggestion is that you take a Voyager bus (10 zlotys). From the bus station in Krakow, you will get to the station in Tarnow. Then from the bus station in Tarnow, the bus will take you directly to Zalipie. You can use Euro Plawecki Trans bus (5 zlotys). From the bus station in Tarnow, the bus will take you directly to Zalipie

3. A train

You can also take a train to Tarnow and then take a bus to Zalipie. Koleje Małopolskie train costs about 12 PLN

The total price of the journey is about 15-17 PLN.

A tour of Zalipie

There are many interesting things to see in Zalipie, the whole village is full of colorful buildings. If you want to get some more information about these beautiful pieces of art and the tradition, you should see museums, where contemporary painters will show you around and tell you the most fascinating stories.

The House of Felicja Curyłowa

It’s the house of the most famous painter in Zalipie. You can see her paintings on the walls, furniture, cutlery, sheets, clothes, everywhere! Make sure to listen to your tour guide to hear some fascinating stories about how lives of people in Zalipie looked a hundred years ago.  

Info: Muzeum Zagroda Felicji Curyłowej w Zalipiu

Adress: Zalipie 135, 33-210 Olesno

Phone number: +48 14 6411912 e-mail:

The House of Women Painters

 This is a place to go if you want to see Zalipie’s most beautiful works of art. Not only can you see the old works, but also the ones made by contemporary artists, the followers of Zalipie’s tradition.

Go and see artists painting the patterns in front of your eyes, buy a piece of art that you like and even make your own!

Info: Dom Malarek w Zalipiu

Adress: Zalipie 128 A, 33-263 Olesno

Phone number: +48 14 641-19-38 e-mail:

While visiting these places, you will be given a special handout with a map. It will show you where to look for other painted houses. It is a great opportunity to go for a walk and explore the stunning village while inhaling the freshest air ever!

Zalipie – hotel

Zalipie is a perfect solution for a one-day trip with your family or can be an interesting stop on a longer trip around Lesser Poland. You don’t necessarily need to spend the night there and book a hotel. One day is perfectly enough to see all that Zalipie offers you. You can go there in the morning and be back in the late afternoon. If, however, you need to spend the night, you can book a hotel in Tarnow.

There are some great and affordable places there. Here are my suggestions:

Hotel Tarnovia

Adress: Kościuszki 10, 33-100 Tarnów

Phone number: +48 14 630 03 50 E-mail:

Hotel Cristal Park

Adress: Traugutta 5, 33-101 Tarnów

Phone number: +48 14 633 12 25 E-mail:

Zalipie is waiting for you!

Check out those Instagram pictures of happy and all flowery tourists :) Aren’t they beautiful? 

As you can see, Zalipie is definitely worth seeing and I’m sure you’ll love it there.

The beautiful paintings, colorful flowers, wonderful atmosphere are unforgettable and you just can’t miss it.


Are you inspired to visit this beautiful village?

No time to waste! Go, see it for yourself and make sure you leave a comment!

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2018.11.27 14:11
Hi Kamila, thanks for writing such a beautiful piece of article about Zalipie. It was definitely very helpful and motivating. I am so excited about this place that I plan to visit tomorrow. :) Cheers
2018.11.30 12:11
Thank you for your comment! how was your visit? Please tell us!

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