Dweller’s Secret: Best Bars with Live Music

If you love live music, you will be delighted to explore Krakow’s music scene. Prepare for Live Music Krakow Bars!

The city is full of nooks and crannies that hide plenty of live music options that cater to a wide variety of tastes. Jazz enthusiasts will find many places to enjoy their favorite music in Krakow, but this city lives and breathes live music not only in its many jazz basements.

Here are Krakow’s best bars with live music you should explore on your next trip to Krakow.

U Munia

This legendary jazz club is located in a 14th century cellar under FlorianskaStreet, one of the most famous historical streets of Krakow. The club has been operating since 1991 and today it figures and a top place for listening to jazz. Located a couple of minutes from the central Market Square and popular tourist sights, the club can be reached by walking down the steps into a basement full of wonders.


U Munia

The club housed guests names such as Nigel Kennedy, Wynton Marsalis, or Lee Konitz, as well as Polish jazz stars like Tomasz Stanko, Wojciech Karolak or Zbigniew Namyslowski. The club’s name refers to one of Poland’s top jazz musicians, Janusz Muniak, who can be heard here on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in high-quality jazz sets. Sink into one of the comfortable seats and enjoy the music while sipping on some delicious Polish drinks. You should not miss this live music opportunity in Krakow!

Klub Odeon

Located in the historic Market Square, Klub Odeon attracts plenty of tourists each year who enjoy Krakow vibrant nightlife. The club occupies two floors of a14th century tenement house. Inside, visitors will find six separate rooms, for example: a room for playing pool, for smokers, and a large dance floor. You can choose from many local delicacies in its interesting food and drink menu.



But most importantly, you’ll get to enjoy amazing live music of different kinds during special events organized at the club. Stay tuned and if you find yourself in the center of Krakow on a Friday night, be sure to check the events calendar of the club. You won’t regret it!

Harris Piano Jazz Bar – Even More Live Music

Another classic place in Krakow for listening live music, Harris Piano Jazz Bar offers the quintessential jazz experience. It is a legendary club on the Polish jazz scene, having served as one of the leaders of live music ever since it opened its doors in the late 1990s.



Its dimly-lit, atmospheric underground interior and tightknit stage hosted names like Art Farmer, Gary Bartz and Idris Muhammad in the past. So sip on one of the delicious cocktails and immerse yourself in the fantastic music offered at this unique club.


Known for its spectacular blues and rock concerts, this small dive bar is a must-see. If you happen to visit it on the right time, you might have one of the old, local clientele buy your drink.

It might seem a little claustrophobic, but Awaria is a great place in Krakow to enjoy live music. Make sure to squeeze past the tiny bar area into the concert space and protect your drink from being spilled as the concert goes crazy. And remember to stay there after the show is finished – you will see people dancing on top of the bar to some classic Elvis and Tina Turner hits. Don’t hesitate a great to join them!


Thanks to a great strategy of cultural expansion, the place that started off as a cozy café transformed into an key spot on Krakow’s cultural map. Combining three unique venues in one place, the club is one-of-a-kind.



The is ground-floor is occupied by a candle-lit dive bar. Right next to it, you’ll find a more upscale space that serves fancy drinks and looks like a lobby bar straight out of a classic American hotel. Explore the space downstairs to experience some unforgettable concerts. Apart from live shows, the club hosts dance party during the weekends.

Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

If you’re tired of Krakow’s crazy club scene, check out this acoustic Jazz club. Order a drink at the stylish bar and sit down on one of the seats that spill onto the pavement during warm summer evenings. Then immerse yourself in the breathtaking music.


Piec Art

Be sure to check out the venue calendar before your trip to Krakow – you will see many acoustic gigs that are often set up in the tiny cellar underground. The exposed brick wall, Polish alcoholic drinks, and fine music lineup is all you need for quiet evening you’ll remember for a very long time.

Old Jazz Café

Old Jazz Café is a lesser known, off-the-beaten-track jazz bar in Krakow. Consider that, unlike the others, it is not located underground. Still, it holds a certain shadowy charm. Live music is usually played ad hoc, but it is always excellent.

Acoustic or semi acoustic bands usually occupied a tiny corner between the walls inside and share their work with a passionate audience. During the summer, the bar opens up to an outdoor terrace that makes for an amazing space for taking breaks between songs.

Forty Kleparz

‘Bastion III’ or ‘Fort Kleparski’ is a 19th century Austrian bastion located north of Krakow’s old town. Recently, the space emerged as one of the most unique spots for club nights and live music in the city. Since it opened its doors, Forty Kleparz managed to attract an impressive number of international artists to its stage.


Forty Kleparz

The concert hall houses 200 people and it is equipped with modern sound and lighting systems. The place is open from Thursday to Saturday, but only during events. So be sure to check what’s happening in the venue’s calendar and, if you spot several events at once, don’t be surprised – the place is really that big.

Kolanko N°6

Kolanko is Krakow’s hidden gem. The best thing about the venue is its large garden, always full of summertime shade. That’s also where the occasional concerts take place. Since it’s located in Krakow’s Jewish quarter, the club combines klezmer and world music selections to build a fantastic atmosphere for everyone visiting the place. It’s a really special location all music fans should visit to hear examples of the local, original klezmer music.

Krakow is full of amazing spaces that add to the city’s unique character as Poland’s cultural capital.



If you’re visiting Krakow during the weekend, you’re simply bound to catch one or more fantastic live music shows happening around the city. Combine it with Krakow’s wealth of music festivals, and you’ll see why Krakow attracts music lovers like no other Polish city. Live music enthusiasts, hope you loved it!

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