Krakow Nightlife
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krakow nightlife

Krakow nightlife should definitely be on you “to do in Poland” list!

Become a Krakow nightlife expert!

In this article, I will show you:

  • best parties and happennings that take place in Krakow
  • best clubs and bars in the city
  • some useful tips about Krakow nightlife

Let's go!




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What is Krakow nightlife like?

Krakow nightlife is very intense.

You can be sure that you will find every kind of evening entertainment here, whether it’s a bar with live music or a party with a DJ.

Other options are pubs (also with food), karaoke or “vodka and snack” bars with really nice prices.


Raise your glass!

You do not have to worry what to do in Krakow nightlife, because according to some sources:

Krakow can boast the highest density of bars and clubs in the world!

But before leaving your apartment or a hotel room, find out some useful facts about Krakow nightlife.

Krakow is a city often chosen by young people, students and those who like unusual, colorful life, like artists.

That’s why Krakow is open for crazy parties which usually last until the morning.

Where is Krakow nightlife?

The greater part of Krakow’s parties takes place within the old town.

So if you want to find some nice bar quickly, take a walk along Floriańska or Szewska Street.


 Map with some pubs in old town

You can be sure that there will be a lot of different people in all those places and – for sure – you won’t be the only foreigner there!

But if you want to find some less popular places with some local people, it’s also a great idea!


Taste some beer!

But where to find them?

People living in Krakow really like to visit pubs in Kazimierz – a historic Jewish district.


Bars in Kazimierz Jewish District

As you can see on the map above, there are plenty of pubs on every street.

I love pubs located in Kazimierz because of their cozy ambience and different interiors - Łukasz

We’re sure that now you only want to know what place to choose.

Here are some propositions.


Let's party!

Top 5 clubs in Krakow

Looking for some nice music, big dancefloor and crazy party-people?

Choose one of those clubs:

Prozak 2.0

Pl. Dominikański 6

Prozak 2.0 is a reactivation of one of the oldest clubs in Krakow. This underground-style place can be proud of fantastic sound system and the highest quality of service. This club is adored by the best producers and DJs from around the world, that’s why their sets often end with sunrise. The club has 600 square meters and extends over three levels of historic building.


Prozak 2.0 / source: facebook

Lokal Krakow

Rynek Główny 6

Three bars, two dancefloors, a different DJ every day, great music and… pizza – everything in an old tenement house. If your favourite kind of music is r’n’b, hip-hop and dance music, you’re gonna love this place. Brick walls and a lot of mysterious corners make this place unique. Another advantage? It’s located on the main square of the old town, so you’re close to everywhere.


Lokal / source: facebook


Szewska 5

Frantic is known to every party-goer in Krakow. Probably because it’s one of the first clubs in the city. Advantages of Frantic are: selected clientele, excellent service at four bars, air-conditioned interior, minimalist decor, VIP room and high-level music. The club offers regular themed parties from every Wednesday till Saturday. Frantic is also regularly visited by famous DJs.


Frantic / source:


Szewska 5

If you don’t like Frantic, you can just enter the next door and visit Shakers club. The club stands out with a modern interior, cosy leather sofas, screens on the walls and energetic music. You can go crazy there almost everyday. On Mondays you can feel like at a house party, on Tuesdays you’re gonna enjoy lower prices and Fridays have special offers only for ladies. Sounds like fun!


Shakers / source: facebook

Społem Deluxe

Floriańska 53

Looking for some Polish style of partying? Społem Deluxe will be really exotic for you thanks to it’s old-style, retro interior taken from Polish Republic times. Colorful lights and walls, nice drinks and a lot of Polish and disco music can be a perfect plan for the night! Visit Społem Deluxe as soon as it’s possible and take an amazing journey back in time. And don’t look for a DJ – he hides in an old car called Nysa.


Społem Deluxe / source: facebook

Top 5 bars in Krakow

If you prefer siting, talking and drinking good beer or drinks with a group of friends, visit one of the best bars in Krakow.

Here is our list:


Estery 5

Alchemia is one of the famous bars located in Kazimierz. It’s a magic place where you can meet local people and other tourists interested in the nightlife of the city as well. Alchemia consists of many tight rooms filled with old furniture. The entrance to one of them leads… through the wardrobe! You won’t forget this place.


Alchemia / source: facebook

Strefa Piwa – Beer Zone

Józefa 6

Beer Zone is the perfect place for all beer lovers. They offer an amazing selection of craft beers, so everyone can find this perfect one. The bar is rather small but has it’s own ambiance. Staff has really big knowledge about beer and is really friendly. It can be your favourite bar on Kazimierz really soon!


Beer Zone / source: facebook

Klub Pod Jaszczurami

Main Square 8

Pod Jaszczurami is an excellent place to visit for a drink or two. Here you can feel real atmosphere of Krakow nightlife also “as in the good old days”. This pub is located in the heart of the city so you won’t miss it. Amazing parties start here in the evening – you can chose between karaoke, dancing or concerts as well. Brilliant place, great atmosphere and friendly people guaranteed!


Pod Jaszczurami / source: facebook


Szeroka 2

Sababa is a quite new place on Krakow’s bars map but already has a lot of fans. This great cocktail bar has several rooms including one with a DJ. The staff is very friendly, professional and ready to prepare for you one of the best coctails in your life! We highly recommend Sababa to anyone who loves high quality of service and unique atmosphere. Definitely one of the best places in Krakow!


Sababa / source: facebook

Harris Piano Jazz Bar

Rynek Główny 28

If you are looking for some jazz music experience you have to visit Harris Piano Jazz Bar. This popular club, located on the market was appreciated by the British Guardian and ranked among the best jazz clubs on the old continent. Wonderful music, professional service, inviting colors combined with wood and proper lighting make this place extraordinary, special and original. Check out upcoming events!


Harris Piano Jazz Bar / source: facebook

Top 3 “vodka and snack” bars in Krakow

If you want to party in the real Polish style, visit one of “vodka and snack” bars. They are perfect for fast and cheap drinking before going to some club. You’re gonna love that way of partying! In this kind of places you probably won’t meet many foreigners but visiting them should be on your “to do” list if you want to get to know Polish culture.

Zakąski i wódka

Plac Nowy 9

The rules are simple: food and alcohol should be really cheap, so you can drink a lot and have fun. What will you find in the menu? Meat jelly, herring in oil, boiled white sausage, bread with lard and homemade bigos (Polish dish based on cabbage). Something to drink? Vodka, beer, white wine, red wine, coffee – everything for 1 Euro only! Feel like in Poland few decades ago.


Zakąski i Wódka / source: facebook

Ambasada Śledzia

Stolarska 8/10

“Ambasada Śledzia”, which means “Herring Embassy”, is a place with “Polish tapas”, usually prepared from… herring! The formula of “Polish tapas”, well understood by many tourists visiting this place based on excellent, traditional Polish appetizers accompanied by alcohol, low prices and a casual atmosphere. Another good news? Beer costs only 6PLN here so it is one of the cheapest places to get drunk in Krakow.


Ambasada Śledzia / source: facebook


Miodowa 3

Zlew is one of the oldest “vodka and snack” bars in Krakow.  It tempts with over a hundred types of alcohol and tasty snacks as well. It’s a great bar with amazing people. Perfect place if you wish to socialise with locals and tourists. English speaking staff is very helpful here. What else can you do here? Play some darts or watch some TV transmission of various sports events so you can feel like home!


Zlew / source: facebook

Top 3 karaoke places in Krakow

Coyote Bar

Św. Tomasza 1

Coyote Bar is one of the most interesting places on the map of Krakow nightlife. It encourages guests with attractive promotions and a nice atmosphere. Every day you can sing karaoke or dance to the music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Another advantage is the cosy garden, perfect for pleasant meetings. Beer, shots and songs – sounds good, right?


Coyote Bar / source: facebook

Cocktails & Songs

Joselewicza 21B

A really climatic place to spend a nice evening with friends tasting delicious coctails. One of the best karaoke in whole Krakow. Very nice atmosphere and lovely owners. You can organise here also a private karaoke party. Just follow the Facebook profile and look for some special offers and events.


Cocktails & Songs / source: facebook

The Legends Music Club

Plac Szczepański 3

The Legends Music Club is a place where low prices and the greatest hits of the past decades meet in one place, making a legendary party everytime. This is the only place on the map of Krakow nightlife, where fans of The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Boney M and Ace Of Base can meet in a nice atmosphere and party until the early morning. You will find karaoke here on every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Legends Music Club/ source: facebook

Untypical options for a party

Krakow nightlife can also surprise you with interesting party-alternatives.

What kind of?

Tram or boat party in Krakow

Yes, that’s true – you can join a group of young, crazy people partying on the tram or board of the boat. Look for some tickets online!


Night tram party / source: facebook

Watch some amazing video of a tram party here:

Krakow nightlife tours

If you are still not sure where to go or you just don’t want to waste your time for research, join one of the Krakow club tours.

As you can see there are many nice options of nightlife in Krakow. Most places are realy friendly and open to tourists.

Special offer

Krakow bars to avoid

Krakow nightlife is really great, but it also has some places of bad fame.

First on the list are strip clubs. Their main purpose is to take from you as much money as possible, especially when you’re drunk. Strip clubs in Poland aren’t nice and friendly places so better say “no” if someone will try to invite you there.

If you find some bar with Polish teams football match transmission – be careful. Polish fans of football may be hooligans, especially if they are in a big group. If you see that they are drunk, better get out of their way as they can be quite aqressive and try to start a fight.

What else?

Better don’t try to enter some bars and pubs located far away from the old town. In the middle you can meet only local people from the neighborhood, which may be not so friendy to tourists.

Once I visited some bar in the middle of the block housing, far away from the city centre. I felt very strange because everyone was watching me - Caren

And the last tip:

Avoid bars without security and bodyguards. You never know when you can meet someone unfriendly, so it’s always better to have some external support.


Inside the club

If you follow these steps you will have a really nice party!

Useful tips before you start to party

  1. You can pay by card in almost every club and bar but always check the amount displayed on the terminal before you enter the code. Some bartenders may try to cheat you.
  2. It’s good to have some coins inside the pocket for tips if you are very satisfied with the service.
  3. A lot of clubs offer free entrance before 11:00 PM. It’s also a good time to find some place to sit and make yourself comfortable.
  4. Parties in Poland usually start at 10:00 PM and finish at 4:00-5:00 AM. Most people appear in the club around midnight.
  5. It’s a good idea to order a taxi to the club and back home. But if the weather is nice, you can have a lovely walk trough the old town as well.
  6. Some clubs expect special dress code. Smart-casual style of clothing is the best option but a lot of clubs will let you in also wearing sneakers.

Krakow nightlife in a nutshell

Now we are sure that you already know what to do in Krakow nightlife.

Just like this guy:

Huge variety of Krakow’s dance clubs, pubs and “vodka and shot” bars will impress you and make your night unforgetable.

Krakow will become your favourite party city if you use our list of recommended places and apply all tips.

However, if you have enough strength after the crazy night join some Krakow tours to know the city even better!

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