Wieliczka Salt Mine – What to Wear?

So the questions is what to wear for a trip to Wieliczka Salt mine?

Wieliczka” Salt Mine is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, and rightfully so as it would not have made its way onto the UNESCO List of Cultural and Natural Heritage for no reason. The enormity of the caves and the artistry that went into decorating them are truly astounding. However, due to it being 135 meters underground and 2 km long it differs from most other places you have visited. If you want to get the most out of your trip it’s a good idea to prepare accordingly! Below are some tips I’ve gathered from my trip there 🙂

Temperature in Salt Mine


The temperature in the salt mine is quite stable, it does not go below 14° C and  does not exceed 16° C. I found it rather chilly so if  you are planning on visiting Wieliczka in the summer I would highly recommend that you bring some warmer clothes.

Clothes to wear in Salt Mine


What to exactly wear? Getting the clothes right for the salt mine isn’t too complicated. A warm jumper or light jacket should be enough to keep you warm. In terms of shoes high heels and sandals are probably a bad idea, I would opt for foot wear that is comfortable and warm as there are quite a bit of stairs to climb.  Long trousers and long sleeves are recommended not only for the cooler temperature but also due to the  historic sites that have a sacral character and require appropriate attire (shoulders and knees covered).


The entire route comprises of 20 historic chambers that are connected by 2 km of corridors, this takes about 2 hours. You can also visit the exhibition of the Krakow Saltworks Museum which is located on the third level, then the entire trip can take around 3 hours. I think the Museum is worth a visit so make sure to bring some good shoes and maybe even snacks if you want to see everything.


Safety shouldn’t be a concern in the mines as around a million tourists pass through it every year without any problems. There is no need for flashlights and helmets as the  sight-seeing route is fully lit, easy to pass through safely and is equipped with emergency lighting as well. Do keep in mind that visiting the mines requires some energy as it involves climbing and quite a bit of walking. Pregnant women, elderly people or those with mobility problems should assess their abilities before attempting to do the entire tour, it is possible to view certain parts of the mine in a wheel chair.

Other information 

A valuable piece of advice would be not to lick the salt sculptures, however tempting they may be. The walls and floors are also made of salt so if you’re not worried about hygiene  then you can try to taste them. Luggage storage is available at the entrance, however, it is open in the same hours as the mine so make sure to pick up your things before 7:30. If you want to take photos make sure to bring an extra 10 zł as that is the price of the permit, otherwise you won’t be allowed to bring your camera.

I hope you have an amazing trip to the “Wieliczka” salt mine, if you have any specific questions feel free to contact me. You can learn more about it’s history here.


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  1. Hello, we are a family of 4, including 2 children, traveling to Krakow on April 22 2018.
    Wondering if we can book our city guides once we arrive in Krakow and also if we can hire a private guide at the salt mine once we arrive on site?


    1. Hello Julia,

      Thank you for your questions. In terms of private guides you should definitely book them before you arrive. It is sometimes hard to find an available guide on the spot.
      Please contact me at: [email protected] and I will direct you to a person responsible for organizing private tours.

      Best regards,

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