Guide to Krakow Outdoors


Although Krakow is a historic city, there are many interesting Krakow outdoors you can try after the sightseeing!

All of them are a great option to diversify your stay and burn some calories after the big portion of pierogi!

What kind of Krakow outdoors are there in the city?

You are going to find the answer in our guide below.

Put on some comfortable shoes and clothes, eat a light breakfast and let the adventure begin! We have 9 Krakow outdoors ideas without any ceiling above your head!



Warm-up already done? Let’s go!

Kościuszki Mound

If you want to stay active and get to know some Polish history at the same time, visit Kościuszki Mound.

It’s a 35,5 meters tall knoll created for Tadeusz Kościuszko – famous Polish military leader. The winding path leads to the top of this green hill, where you will find one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. After the walk, check all historical exhibitions that are waiting in the fort. The whole visit will take 2 or 3 hours of your time.



Krakow ZOO

ZOO is one of the best ways to stay outdoor, have fun and, on the occasion, find out something new about the world!

Krakow ZOO is one of the favorite places of Krakow inhabitants. All beautiful plants, a wide range of wild animals and the contact with friendly species of the Mini-ZOO create positive conditions to relax. You can spend the whole day walking between enclosures and enjoying the fresh air. All you need is an entrance ticket that costs only 18 Polish Zlotys.

The species that you can meet there, are:

  • the Przewalski’s horse
  • dwarf hippo
  • small panda
  • snow panther
  • maned wolf
  • lemurs, vari and katta
  • Humboldt penguin (among others)



Bike tours

There is no better option for getting into Krakow than sightseeing by bike!

Just imagine a comfortable bike, amazing monuments, a lot of saved time and as many stops as you like!

In this way, you can see all the Krakow sites and be completely independent.

Just rent a bike on your own and explore the Krakow wonders! Or join our 4-hour guided bike tour around Krakow!



Green run

If you prefer to rely on your own legs, put on your running shoes!

There are many wonderful parks in Krakow, that are perfect surroundings for jogging.

Start with the Planty Park (don’t miss the Barbican!) and run further through the English-style Jordan Park and the vast meadow of Błonia Park.

Do you feel that energy and endorphins now?



Nowa Huta kayaking

Are your legs tired? Now it’s time to move your hands!

Kayaks are the next attraction on our Krakow outdoors list.

How is it possible in such a big city?

Thanks to the small river called Dłubnia, that flows through the Nowa Huta district.

Canoeing trip usually ends on a Vistula River. You can start the next point of Krakow outdoors from that place!



Active riverside

Do you know that there are many kilometers of smooth bicycle paths along the Vistula River?

That’s why Krakow riverside offers you a lot of activities: skating, Nordic walking, riding a longboard and many more!

Just pick your favorite thing and take a ride with a view of Wawel Royal Castle and check out the scary Wawel Dragon breathing the REAL fire!

Do not forget to take some bottled water!



Mountain stories

The neighborhood of the mountains is another big advantage of Krakow. You need only one to three hours by car to arrive Ojców National ParkKraków-Częstochowa Upland or famous city in the middle of the Tatra Mountains, called Zakopane.

All of those places have great conditions for hiking, trekking or climbing. The whole fauna and flora there will totally amaze you!

We recommend you to organize the trip by yourself or just feel the magic of Polish nature joining the Zakopane Tour.



Lagoon chillout

Looking for some chill, relax and the place for a picnic? Krakow outdoors won’t let you down!

Just catch the tram number 52 from the Krakow Main Station and go to Zakrzówek – the lagoon which was created in 1990 after flooding the old limestone quarry.

Nowadays, Zakrzówek is one of the favorite places of local people. You can meet students, adults and all families relaxing there in their free time.

Remember that swimming there is forbidden because of too much risk! The only option to get into the water is diving. Take some lessons from the local diving school or just pick the sunbathing instead!



Boat party

If you are looking for some outdoor fun in the evening, come on board of party boat!

There are many companies in Krakow that offer night cruises with some drinks, music and other entertainments.

We are sure that it will be the perfect way to finish your outdoor day in Krakow.

Amazing city views after sunset, friendly people and a lot of joy guaranteed!




The most popular choices

Oskar Schindler's Museum Guided Tour
Duration: 1h 30min

Krakow outdoors – summary

As you can see, there are many ways to spend time in Krakow without the need to be locked inside buildings. All of them are the great addition to the monuments, museums, and cathedrals. Furthermore, Krakow outdoors is not a very expensive way to explore the city and are certainly very good for your health!

All we want to wish you is a cloudless sky!

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