Dictatour - Communism Guided Tour

2 hours
10 AM
Plac Szczepański 8
  • Transportation by communist era car 
  • English speaking live guide - enthusiast of Nowa Huta
  • Stories about the absurdities of communism in Poland


The WW II ended leaving Polish people tired, jobless and sad. But there was the Soviet Union coming to the rescue! Oh, there was no "Poland" by the way. The official name was Polish People's Republic and we ended up under the Soviet-backed communist regime. People started to rebuild their lives after the war. Nowa Huta was built as a "perfect city" with symmetrical and harmonious city layout.

It was the time of our parent's youth. We still cannot believe stories they are telling us about communism in Poland: women on Women's Day were gifted pantyhose, towels or soap at their workplaces, and every man's biggest life dream was to own a Fiat 126p car (the one you will travel in during the tour - and yes, it was the dream of any Polish man to have that car).

When we are talking about those times now it is hilarious most of the times, but can we imagine living back then? Getting to know Communist Era is definitely an adventure :)

Let's look back at this peculiar time 

A tour guided by a fun, and very passionate of Nowa Huta native citizen, who will drive you around and show you the most famous, legendary places doesn't' seem like such a bad idea, right? 


  • Face the absurdities of communism
  • Learn about Nowa Huta's beginning as a model industrial center under communist rule
  • Ride in communist-era minibus Nysa 522 or most popular vehicle in communist Poland - Polski Fiat 126p
  • Discover Nowa Huta with the native citizen
  • Take a 2- hours bus and walking tour of Krakow’s Nowa Huta district

It's fun, it's something different, it's just a wonderful way to see "after war" Krakow


Meeting Point
The driver will pick you up form the main meeting point (Plac Szczepanski 8) in the of the famous cars from communist Era.
Your voucher
Your voucher doesn't need to be printed - you can present it to the driver on your phone or any mobile device.
The tour
You will get to know the story of Nowa Huta. The guide/driver will show you around and tell you funny anecdotes you won't believe are true.
Ending Point
The drop off can be at the place of pickup.

Interesting Facts

In theory...

The assumptions of communism were very elevated - everyone was to be treated equally, each had to have the same amount of goods. Justice, peace, and joy everywhere! What a beautiful picture painted by the communist propaganda. "Long live the unity and cooperation of socialist countries!" "Green light for sacrificial, hard-working and talented people!" - such posters and slogans were everywhere: on the streets and on television. How far were these realms away from reality? Very, very far away. Everything was controlled by the government: every industry, media, and even everyday life of citizens.

Imagine that:
The shops lacked literally everything. Empty shelves did not surprise anyone. It was difficult to predict what goods will appear in the offer on a particular day. The products that we finally managed to buy often did not meet expectations. It happened that you had to buy shoes in the wrong size just because ... there was no other one!

In reality...

  • On Monday (and later also on Wednesday) in the bars and restaurants, you could not buy meat dishes. It resulted from the deficit of this product on the market. The authorities wanted to limit its consumption in this way.
  • Most of the basic products were rationed. In 1976, sugar cards were introduced. Gradually, the system of such purchases included more and more goods: meat, butter, flour, soap, gasoline, alcohol, and even ... toilet paper - so basically the government was telling you how much of each product you can get.
  • However, having a card did not guarantee success - you never knew if the product you were looking for would be in the shop. Long queues lined outside stores. Even "queuing committees" and the profession of "queuing rolls" were formed. People were waiting impatiently for what would be "thrown" into the store.

Important info

  • The entire tour takes 2h
  • The minimum number of participants is 1 and maximum is 8
  • If you cancel at least 1 hour in advance of the activity you will get a full refund
  • If you cancel within 1hour of the activity or you do not show up for the tour - no refund is due
  • Groups of 15 people and more are obliged to cancel the booking at least two days prior the tour to get a full refund
  • You can book the tour up to 2 hours before it starts


Do I need to have a printed voucher with me?

No, it doesn't have to be printed. You can present you voucher to the guide on the phone or any other mobile device.

Can I be picked up from my hotel/apatement?

Unfortunately this tour does not include hotel pickup. The meeting point and time is predetermined.