Krakow Old Town Map Small Mobile

Krakow Map – Free Download, Get It Now (2018)

Krakow Map – Simple one

Searching for amazing Krakow Map with attractions and streets? You found it! We have it ready for you to download in PDF. What will you fin in this map?

  • Streets
  • Main attractions icons
  • Discounts for food
  • Info points locations
  • Free walking tour meetings

Download Krakow Old Map in PDF

Krakow Old Town Map Small Mobile

Krakow Old Town Map – for museum lovers

If you are keen on visiting Museum around Krakow, you should really consider this map. Top Museums to visit in Krakow are: Oscar Schindler’s Factory, Polish Aviation Museum, Oscar Schindler’s Factory, Pinball Museum and of course MOCAK for modern lovers.

Download Krakow Old Town Map with Museum in PDF

Krakow Old Town Map

Krakow Google Map – A glance on distances

So if you wonder about how far are attractions to one another you should be aware that Krakow is really condensed. City Centre, Wawel Castle and Jewish District are really close to each other. You can easily walk through whole main places in Krakow by foot. Things changes with Auschwitz Birkenau Tour and Wieliczka Salt Mine which are outside the city. You can check it below.

Krakow Map View od distrcts

Krakow map showing distance between Auschwitz and Wieliczka

As you probably already realised. Those two most popular tours are in a cities near Krakow. To give you some perspective check below map.

Krakow Map to Auschwitz and Wieliczka

Krakow Public Transport Map

There are transport maps in Krakow, but its really not convenient. We would really recommend using jakdojade application in order to get in every place. Just tell your start and destination point and it will give you the best possible solutions to that shown on the map.

Krakow Public Transport Map

If you already have your map, you might also be interested in sightseeing Krakow with our free Audioguide. You already know that Krakow is not that of a big city and you can feel the spirit of it by getting to know with history of each corner.

Auschwitz Tour DC

Salt Mine Tour DC


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