Top 7 Attractions in Krakow (Do your Sightseeing the SMART Way)


If there is a recipe for an ideal holiday destination, it probably includes a fascinating historystunning architecturerich cultural lifedelicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife as its ingredients.


     In Krakow, you will find just that!

     Stick around a let me show you:

    - the top 7 Krakow attractions

    - how to get there

    - how much time you need to spend there

    - how much money you need to spend there

    - some helpful tips and information


Ready to start your trip?

Let’s go!

Main Market Square

Certainly, it’s the place, that you should start your sightseeing with. Main Market Square is definitely the most famous of all Krakow attractions.

It’s the largest medieval market in Europe, that turned into today’s center of social life of young students and tourists from all over the world.

It is a showcase of Krakow where all the most important events take place. The Main Square of Krakow is where hundreds of Europe’s most creative street artists gather each day to amuse us.


Cab Wagon at Krakow Main Square


Walk around Main Market Square and look for artists, musicians, and entertainers – they will make your day!

If you are interested in the history behind the buildings of Main Market Square check out this short and sweet Main Market Square Walking Tour.

The address: Rynek Główny

St. Mary’s Basilica

This unique building is a Gothic church. It comes from the 14th century. It is located just a few steps from the Main Market Square, so you won’t have any problems to find it.

St. Mary’s Basilica is famous for a wooden altarpiece made by VeitStoss, which has an incredible history and is surely one of a kind.

The most popular thing about the basilica is a trumpet signal played every hour to all four sites of the world. Visit the church and you’ll know why the signal ends so unexpectedly!


Look how wonderful! //source: Polskie szlaki


It takes about an hour to visit the basilica

The tickets cost 5-10 zlotys

The address: Plac Mariacki 5

Pay specific attention to the wooden altarpiece and the trumpet signal and make sure you ask your tour guide about the legends of them


Wawel Castle is one of the most imposing royal castles of Europe, composed of richly fitted residential buildings, art galleries, churches and defensive towers. It was the residence of most Polish rulers.

You will also see the Wawel Cathedral with the heaviest bell in Poland.

In the castle underground, you can find a Wawel Dragon den and the amazing statue of the dragon itself.

It is surely essential while visiting Krakow and one of the most important Krakow attractions!

Do not miss it!


What a gorgeous view!


It takes about 3 hours to visit and see Wawel

The tickets cost 10-20 zlotys

Make sure you take a walk around the Vistula river and admire a beautiful view!

The address: Wawel 5 

You can buy just a ticket, but I highly recommend buying a Wawel - Guided Tour of the Royal Hill – you’ll know so much more and maximize your experience!

If you want some more information, check out our post about Wawel.

Kazimierz Jewish Quarter

Jewish district in Krakow is extremely worth seeing. Not only does it gather the most creative pubs and bars, but it is also full of history and amazing sights.

Go and listen to stories about Jewish life before and after World War II and prepare yourself to be very moved.

On Kazimierz you can find:

  • Popular synagogues
  • Cozy stores and souvenir shops
  • Museums
  • Beautiful murals and street art



Make sure you visit one of many Kazimierz pubs

  • Królicze oczy – Estery 14
  • Les Couleurs – Estery 10
  • Singer – Estery 20

The most popular choices

Oskar Schindler’s Factory

Krakow enables you to visit one of the best-arranged museums related to wartime reality and Nazi terror affecting its residents during WWII.

Housed inside the factory of Oskar Schindler, a German businessperson who saved more than 1,200 lives of his Jewish workers thanks to his established position and deliberate willingness, will not only let you restore your faith in humanity but also take you for a trip back in time to the 1940’s.


Inside of the factory //source:


It takes about 2 hours to see the factory

The tickets cost 18-24 zlotys

The address: Lipowa 4 

Schindler’s Factory Guided Tour will make you understand the story much better.


The Florian Gate

It’s a Gothic style tower built in the 14th century and it’s one of eight gates, created to hide the city behind the defensive wall. It’s 34,5 meters tall and decorated with a sculpture from 1820.

It has a very interesting history and is essential while visiting the center of Krakow.

The gate also leads to Florianska street, an atmospheric part of Krakow with the bars and other creative little places.


The magical gate! //source: lovetotravel


The entrance is free

Make sure you pay attention to talented musicians playing inside of the gate

The address: Corner of Florianska and Pijarska street

Krakow attractions

As you can see, there are so many incredible places you just must see in Krakow!

Take your comfy shoes, a good camera, and a positive attitude and you’re ready to explore the richness of Krakow attractions!

Are you planning to come to Krakow? Or maybe, you’ve seen these places before? 

Let me know in the comments :)

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2018.10.21 13:10
very helpful i will try to visit most of them :)
2018.10.30 15:10
Dear Kiriakos, you will definitely not regret choosing Krakow as your destination :) Best regards, Karolina
2018.10.23 00:10
Thanks, great help as we are thing of coming to visit Kraków this new year as we are a couple of oldies but it looks amazing
2018.10.30 15:10
Dear Lou, that is awesome that you're coming! Did you check out our blog post about New Year in Krakow? - maybe you'll find it useful :) Best regards, Karolina
2018.11.25 10:11
Heading back to Krakow for our 3rd visit in February, we have been to all the places you have shown here but I will be going again for a closer look this time .Thank you
2018.11.30 12:11
Thank you for your comment, Stephen. 3 times here... wow! you must really love Krakow just like we do!
Nina Kouklaki
2018.12.01 15:12
Wonderful blog! I was wondering for a one day trip to Auschwitz is there any public transportation to that area?
2018.12.17 13:12
Hi Nina! We have an entire article devoted to getting from Krakow to Auschwitz, feel free to check it out to get in-depth info on the topic :)
2018.12.06 12:12
Very helpful. I could see all these sites thanks to this beautiful arlicle.
2018.12.17 13:12
We love to hear that! Thank you for leaving a comment :)
2019.09.05 08:09
Thank you for sharing .. I am even more excited to come and visit your beautiful city for the first time

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