21 Most Beautiful Places in Poland to See Before You Die
We will do everything in our power to make you want to book your tickets to Poland ASAP. Read on!


Poland beautiful Places – where to find them?

You might ask yourself that question before your trip to Poland.

Don’t you worry!

That lovely country located in the middle of Europe offers a lot of amazing places to see, and we will list them here for you.


Polish Tatra Mountains 

Anyway, Poland is not an obvious choice among tourists, so it can be hard to find all the gems. Every city or region has its own website or blog (just like ours) which indicates interesting directions, but it would take forever to read them all!

That’s why we’ve prepared the list of 21 amazing places to visit in Poland, that will totally surprise you!

Thus, your Polish holidays will be full of stunning views, wonderful stories, and good memories. The beauty of Polish scenery will amaze you.

Believe me…


One of Wawel’s entrances

Discover 6 great Polish cities, 5 historical monuments, 4 natural wonders, 3 magical castles, 2 charming villages and 1 peculiar place on our list below!

Ready for this amazing journey?

Let’s go!

(Before we start – check out this video – views of Poland are simply breathtaking!)

6 exciting cities in Poland – MUST SEE

Cities in Poland are very diverse and each of them stands out for something special. Both, big metropolises and small, cozy towns are unique and totally worth seeing.

Don’t wait to get to know them!

Warsaw – the capital of Poland

Warsaw is probably the most famous city in Poland. No wonder – there is only one capital of that country, but Warsaw is also special for many other reasons.


Old Town in Warsaw

There are a lot of interesting monuments in Warsaw, as the Royal Castle, the historical Old Town, the Royal Wilanów and the Royal Baths Park. Warsaw is also a great place for shopping, clubbing and long, nice walks as there are many squares and colorful streets there.

You will be surprised how many interesting and open people are living in Warsaw. This city is also full of exciting events, concerts and shows and the unique mixture of post-communist buildings and modern architecture will certainly impress you!


One of the beautiful streets in Warsaw

But Warsaw is not the only city, that will warm your heart!

Places to see in Poland? – Avant-garde Krakow

Krakow is one of Poland’s must-visit cities as well. You will fall in love with Krakow if you are a fan of mysterious cafes, crowded pubs, rich architecture and engaging museums.

There are many things to do in Krakow, so you can be sure that this city will not bore you.


Krakow at night

 Your stay in Krakow should start in the Old Town. Do some shopping in Sukiennice and then visit the museum in the Main Square underground. Take some pictures of Barbican, St. Mary’s Basilica, Florian’s Gate and enjoy the long walk through the Planty Park.

If you are looking for some Krakow avant-garde Kazimierz district should be on your must-see list! It’s famous for best restaurants in Krakow, tiny shops with souvenirs, bars with unique ambiance and friendly locals. See the places where Spielberg’s movie “The Schindler’s list” was shot and get to know the origins of Polish Jews.

Krakow is also the best place if you want to try delicious Polish food and learn a little about Polish culture.

Old Town + Main Market Square Walking Tour
Grand Cracow Walking Tour (Old Town + Kazimierz)



Sights in Krakow


You won’t regret a single minute spent in Krakow!

The marine Tricity – a place to visit!

Poland can boast of a long coastline of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to that all Polish families have a huge variety of lovely beaches to spend their free time.


One of the beaches in Gdańsk

Anyway, the sand and salt water are not the only things you can find in the North of Poland.

Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot are the cities you definitely should visit. Together they form the unique and famous Tricity.

Each city is different and has a lot to offer. People love the special, calm climate and the freshness of the air there. Tricity surprises with a lot of interesting events, especially in summer.


Neptune’s sculpture in Gdańsk

All three cities are well connected, so you can book a hotel in one of them and enjoy the charms of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot almost at the same time!

Do you prefer mountains to the sea?

Come and visit the next city on our list!

Highlander culture of Zakopane – Beauty of Poland

At the opposite end of Poland, you are going to find the beautiful and monumental Tatra Mountains. There is a small town in the middle of them called Zakopane.


Winter in Zakopane

Zakopane is the most famous mountain town in Poland. Almost every Pole was there at least once!

What can you do there?

  • go skiing
  • participate in a traditional feast
  • admire the original architecture
  • listen to positive highlander music
  • try the unique taste of oscypek (Polish smoked sheep cheese)


But first, let’s go and discover some special city in the middle of Poland!

Fascinating Toruń – a Unique Polish City 

Toruń is famous for a few things:

  • traditional gingerbreads
  • exceptional architecture
  • Nicolaus Copernicus


The Old Town of Toruń

But Toruń offers many, many more, so you have to stay there at least for the weekend!

This city is full of wonderful churches, tourist routes, castles, towers, and gates. You can visit many museums and theatres there. It has the enormous Vistula panorama as well!


Nicolaus Copernicus

Renaissance Zamość – a City to Visit!

Zamość is a renaissance city that is almost unchanged since 1580. It was founded by Chancellor Jan Zamoyski. It’s situated on the trade route connecting western and northern Europe together with the Black Sea. This little town has the unique layout of streets arranged in a checkerboard, very old fortifications, three markets and pretty, decorated buildings.


The Old Town of Zamość

Go there and feel like you’re back in time!

Have you had enough of the cities?

Stay with us and meet the most spectacular sights and monuments of Poland!


The old architecture of Krakow

5 beautiful places and sites in Poland

Usually, beautiful places in Poland are associated with the rich history of Europe.

Especially if we are talking about monumentsmust-see sites, and untypical buildings.

Each site is located in a completely different part of Poland, that’s why we’ve chosen 5 of the most notable places you absolutely can not miss!


Interiors of Wieliczka Salt Mine

Prepare your camera and visit those 5 special sites in Poland!

Wieliczka Salt Mine – Polish Nature’s Masterpiece

Have you ever been in a salt mine? Or have you ever seen the big, breathtaking chapel rooms made only of salt?

If not, Wieliczka Salt Mine will make your head spin!


Sculpture of a Polish king in Wieliczka

In 1978, Wieliczka Salt Mine was entered by UNESCO to a World Heritage List and later considered as one of the seven wonders of Poland.

Wieliczka has 9 levels, the deepest of which is 327 meters below the surface of the Earth. This place is visited by over a million of tourist who wants to see the beauty of numerous chambers and chapels every year.

It is a really important monument of Polish history that you can not skip, so if you want to see it for yourself, join the Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour from Krakow
Wieliczka Salt Mine With Private Transport<br />

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

You have to see Auschwitz Concentration Camp when visiting Poland. Actually, it is the most important, real evidence of the tragedy of World War II.


Auschwitz Concentration Camp

It’s hard to call this place 'beautiful', but it should be on your list due to respect for the victims of the Holocaust.

Auschwitz-Birkenau was a terrifying place, where German Nazi carried out the 'final solution' plan.

Day by day the gas chambers and crematoria were used to kill and burn almost 20 000 prisoners.



Visiting Auschwitz won’t be a nice memory, but it will make you aware of the tragedy of European history.

Auschwitz Tour 1
Auschwitz Tour 2
Auschwitz Tour 3

Ready for the next station?

Thrilling Chapel of Skulls – Unsusual and Fascinating

The town of Kudowa Zdrój is known for its healing mineral springs. The first bathing and healing devices were created there in 1636. In the 20th century, even Winston Churchill himself was treated there.

But this small town has also survived the hard times


Inside the Skull Chapel / source: Wikipedia

The Skull Chapel commemorates serial epidemics of syphilis, cholera, and hunger. It was created in 1776 by the local priest called Václav Tomášek. In this way, he wanted to pay homage to all the remains found in the area.

The effect?

A tiny chapel filled with thousands of human skulls and bones that look like a background for a horror movie.


The entrance to the Chapel / source: Wikipedia

But after a few minutes spent there you can feel calm and your mind starts to contemplate our existence and the meaning of life.

You will not forget that interior!

Biskupin Settlement – It All Started There

Poland’s beautiful places are not only connected with death and tragic events.

Our next proposition is located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. It plays one of the main roles in the historical consciousness of Poland.



That outsized building is a part of Biskupin Settlement – an archaeological site discovered in 1933.

The first settlement of Biskupin is dated to around VI-VIII centuries. It was completely reconstructed, so now you can admire the whole rampart, the gate and the full street of wooden houses there.

It’s a great opportunity to make a little time-travel and imagine how complicated centuries ago human life was.

Ready for the last uncommon Polish site?


The Churches of Peace

Once, in Świdnica and Jawor towns you could find the three churches.

Why are they so special?

They were made only of wood, loam and straw.

Unfortunately one of them did not survive the test of time.


Church in Jawor

Anyway, churches of Peace are the biggest european buildings made of timber-framed construction and performing a religious function.

Thanks to their uniqueness the churches became a part of UNESCO World Heritage List.

Go there and let those wooden interiors totally amaze you!

Now you’ve probably had enough of the buildings, streets and monuments. Let’s take a deep breath with Mother Nature!

The most popular choices

4 naturally beautiful places in Poland


Western Tatras

Polish people are really proud of their country’s nature. Flowery meadows, storks and the European bison are usually presented as the flashes of Poland.

So put on your comfortable shoes and come with us for a trip into the wildness!

Białowieża Forest – Best example of Nature in Poland

Polish Białowieża Forest is one of the last ancient woodlands in Europe.

What does it mean?

Many of its areas have never been touched and changed by human hands.


Białowieża Forest

Thanks to that we can imagine how our continent would look like had civilization never evolved.

Białowieża Forest is the kind of an independent ecosystem that has its own rules. The European bison is the symbol of Białowieża.


A portret of the European bison

In the Białowieża forest, there are many hiking trails, both walking, and cycling. Go there and enjoy the beautiful scent of the trees, sound of the birds and views of the wild Polish side!

Legs do not hurt? So let’s go further!

The Valley of Five Polish Ponds – Simply Amazing Place

The Valley of Five Polish Ponds is a mountain, post-glacial area spread on 6.5 km2 and 4 km long. It is surrounded by numerous peaks and ridges which make a spectacular view.


The Black Pond

Its the well-preserved part of the Pliocene Valley that amazes with the 5 charming water reservoirs: the Great Polish Pond, 2 Black Polish Ponds, one small Polish Pond, the Front Polish Pond and the Bull’s Eye.

Do you want to see them all?

There are six different trails with different lengths and estimated time of walking. Choosing one of them is the best option to get to know the Polish mountains’ flora and fauna and of course the healthiest form of spending your free time!

Słowiński National Park – Interesting Place to See

Did you know that Poland has its own Sahara Desert?

Słowiński National Park is famous for its moving dunes which are constantly changing their height and shape under the influence of wind.

The largest dune area near the little town called Łeba is spreading on about 500 hectares and is constantly growing.


Sand dunes

The highest point of those dunes is called Rowokol and is around 115 meters high. It’s the perfect place for watching a sunset and taking pictures. Polish moving sands are a uniquep henomenon in the whole of Europe.

Go there and enjoy all the charms of the Baltic Sea!

Masuria – What a Scenery!

Masuria is the most famous lake district in Poland.  It’s also one of the most favorite holiday’s directions of Poles from all the beautiful places in Poland.

The area can offer over 2,000 lakes that are connected by tiny rivers and lovely canals. There are a lot of beautiful places there!

It’s the best option for a free time if you like sailing, delights of the country life and singing next to the fireplace.

All water sports, horse riding, canoe trips and fishing are also available!


A silent area

Don’t forget to try the local specialties of Polish food like the vendace fish or potato pancakes served with white cheese. Try to order it on your own, saying 'plińce z pomoćką' ;)

You will always remember these beautiful places!

3 Mysterious Polish Castles

Visiting Poland you can feel like a prince charming or a lovely princess (at least once!)


Castle in Malbork

How is it possible?

There are many well-preserved castles all around Poland.

Go there, see them on your own and listen to the extraordinary stories of Polish noble families!

Malbork Castle – one of TOP places in Poland

Did you know that the largest castle in the world (measured by the area) is located in Poland?

So if you are a big fan of medieval history, you have to visit Malbork!

Malbork Castle was located on the UNESCO World Heritage List which should not come as a surprise.

The castle is surrounded by defensive walls and impresses with the numerous gates and high towers. Everything was built in the 13th century.

Malbork Castle was the place where Polish kings lived and ruled the country.

Want some more beautiful places?

Wawel Royal Castle – Famous and very Pretty

The best thing about the Wawel Royal Castle is that you will find it in the middle of Krakow!

If you are in Krakow, you won’t miss it for sure!


Wonderful Wawel

The beginning of Wawel dates back to 1333. That monumental group of buildings is one of the most important sites in Poland for historical and cultural reasons, so if you’re going to visit Krakow then you can take a Royal Wawel Tour Guide and become the expert of Polish history. It’s the easiest option to hear all the legends and see all the chambers and chapels.

Wawel Cathedral


If you have some free days left in Poland go for a trip to Wałbrzych and see also...

Książ Castle – Worth a Visit

The Książ Castle is 330 kilometers from Krakow, but it’s totally worth seeing.

Just take a look at this beautiful shape!


Książ Castle

The creation of this beautiful Polish gem started in 1288. In XXth century the castle was taken over by the Nazis and Hitler had his quarter there during the World War II.

The castle has very rich architecture and a lot of secret chambers. Visiting it is an experience worth remembering.


I bet you can’t wait to see it!

2 charming Polish villages


Looking for some country life?

Almost 40% of Poles are living in the countryside. Currently, there are 43 072 villages in Poland.

It’s totally impossible to see them all (or even 1% of them), that’s why we’ve picked 2 the most beautiful.

Magical Zalipie – Tradition meets Art

Zalipie is definitely an unusual, worth-seeing place.

The magic of Zalipie bases on numerous floral paintings everywhere – on wooden houses, small bridges, dog houses, stables, wells, and chapels.

It became a tradition, so through the generations, every woman paints her surrounding with colorful flowers inspired by local folklore.

Be prepared for romantic sceneries, like this one:


One of the houses in Zalipie / source: unusualplaces.org

Chochołów – truly one of Poland Beautiful Places

Our second candidate for the most stunning village in Poland is Chochołów.

It looks like a land of dwarves due to its unique wooden houses. They are outstanding thanks to their geometric shape and sloping high roofs.


Houses in Chochołów / source: Wikipedia

According to the local tradition, every home should be washed clean with soap and water twice a year, for Easter and Corpus Christi feast.

Now it may seem that Poland is a country of strange houses. Especially once you see our last entry of Poland beautiful places.

1 peculiar place to see

The Upside-down house in Szymbark

Have you ever seen something like that?

In the heart of Kashubia, there is an upside-down house, an unusual place connected with Kashubian culture and tradition.


House in Szymbark is one of Poland’s most beautiful places / source www.kameralna.com.pl

The top window is the entrance and the interior moves to the bygone era of PRL. The house is equipped with furniture from the communist period.

The funniest thing is that all the equipment is attached to the ceiling so it’s difficult to keep your balance there.

Now you know there are a lot of beautiful places in Poland!

Come and see all the Polish beautiful places!

Buzzing cities, spectacular nature, interesting monuments, lovely villages and charming castles – Poland has it all!

So if you ever thought Poland is a boring country – you were clearly wrong :) 

It’s not so hard to organize the trip to all those places on your own, but of course, you can also join some guided tours and trips that will save your money and time.


See you in Poland!

See you on the trail!

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